Nailing it: Halloween Nails #1 - Jack and Sally

It's approaching Halloween (and therefore my birthday!) and I couldn't be more excited. It's been forever and a day since I did a nail art tutorial... in fact it's been forever since I have done ANY nail art! To show off how much I love Halloween and how excited I am about it I've decided to do a couple of nail tutorials to show you how easy it can be.

Last night I experimented a little bit with patchwork and pinstripes, inspired by Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and it was so easy I might do patchwork nails again.

Apologies but I was in my pyjamas when I did this. Please don't judge my bright yellow Spongebob dressing gown!

For this you need black white, blue, yellow and pink nail polishes. I striping brush, a small brush and a large dotting tool. Plus top coat if you want it to last! I find myself in the awful predicament of needing to replace a lot of my nail polishes so I used a variety of brands, however the Models Own ones provided much better coverage.

Excuse the mobile photo... it was late when I did this.

 1. All the colours!

Obviously you need to start with your base. Decide which nails you want to be pinstripe and which you want to be patchwork. Paint the pinstriped nails white and the patchwork should be half pink, half yellow.

Leave this to dry for about 5 minutes then apply the blue at the tip slightly diagonally.

2. Stripes!!

Stripes an be a right pain, especially if you don't have a steady hand, I know I don't. Use your striping brush and apply the stripes in one go. I noticed that if you hold your breath, the stripes come out a little steadier.

3. The detail

Use your tiny, brush and black nail polish to line along the edges of the colour for your patchwork with two small lines half way between each to look like stitches,

4. Jack!

Obviously you don't need to do this part but I had Jack nails last year and loved them so I thought I'd do them again. Yours will probably turn out better than mine though as it just didn't seem to want to work this year!

Use your dotting tool and black polish for his eyes and use the tiny, tiny brush to add the extra features. It's nice and easy but I failed at it this year!

All finished!!

There you go, all finished! Keep an eye out for my next Halloween nail tutorial over the next couple of days.

Did you have a go? How did it look?

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