Getting ready for Halloween - My Costume

I absolutely love Halloween. I haven't been able to celebrate it properly for a while, purely because I have a load of other things happening at the same time, mainly because it's my birthday the day before! This year, I'm going to be celebrating my birthday at the Musical Bingo Halloween Party and as there are prizes for the best costumes, I really should make an effort.

I have decided as I'm going to go as the corpse of a girl and it takes more than just makeup to really make an impact so I've gone through the effort of making my own costume and here's an how to on making your own, you know, in case you're stuck for ideas!

Obviously, for something like this, you're not going to want to ruin any of your clothes, unless you have something absolutely perfect! I went to my local charity shop and bought myself a white dress for a grand total of £3.75! When the lovely lady at the till was complimenting my dress and saying how pretty it was, I didn't have the heart to tell her that it would be a completely different story a few hours later!

To do this you need some pretty basic things. I started off with a bowl of tea and the tea bags, some fake blood and a sponge. You'll also need a hair dryer at some point!

First of all, put the dress on and mark where you think it should be ripped. For the rest, make sure you lay it on a towel because you're going to make one hell of a mess!

Where you've made your marks, cut slightly then tear along the lines. You don't want it to look perfect so tearing will be as messy as possible.

Bit blurry as this was in motion!

Your next step is to use your tea. we have all used this technique at school to make things like parchment so it's perfect for making your dress look as destroyed as possible. Along your tears, apply the tea bags for a little longer to make them look darker.


As I was going along, I thought that there was so much more I could do. After all, I wanted to make it look like I had been dead for a while and just crawled out of my own grave. In the end I grabbed some coffee and rubbed it into the fabric, as I used powder (fancy coffee) rather than granules it made the dress not only look a bit muddier but also mouldy where the granules had all stuck together into the fabric. Awesome.

Before you do any more, give the dress a quick blast with a hair dryer so you can see if the dress is going to be the colour you want. This way if you want to make it a bit darker you can do so quickly rather than having to wait for ages.

The next step is the most fun part. Take your fake blood and out it wherever you want. I focused around the edges of my tears and in random splatters using my finger tips. I made such a mess.

Another quick blast with the hair dryer and you're all done!! the blood won't dry completely so you'll have to leave it over night just in case. 

What do you think? Have you started on your costume yet?


  1. That's so clever and obviously perfect for Halloween! I might just try this! Thank you for sharing.x x x

    1. Thank you!! Just did a quick trial of my makeup and I look awful... in a good way. Once I've bought some false eyelashes I'll do a tutorial. Will be sharing a quick snap on my Instagram shortly :-D


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