Geeking out in Primark

I completely lost it when my friend sent me a Snapchat of the coolest collection of pyjamas I have ever seen. My automatic reaction was to get my arse over to the Tottenham Court Road branch (Marble Arch is hell on Earth) and spend ALL the money. Slight exaggeration but may as well be true.

One of my favourite things in the whole world is Harry Potter. I'm completely obsessed and am working hard to get my boyfriend into the same boat - it's not really happening right now...

Obviously, I only went in with the intention of buying a single pair of pyjamas but when I saw all the geeky things. It really didn't happen.Their current range includes but is not limited to Harry Potter t-shirts and jumpers (BY HOUSE!!!), Game of Thrones t-shirts and even Hunger Games stuff. I was seriously in my element.

Annoyingly, being the tiny person I am and knowing there are seemingly endless Harry Potter fans out there, they didn't have my size in the pyjama top in stock no matter how much I hunted with the last remaining size 6 trousers clutched tightly to my chest.

Luckily, I remembered seeing Hogwarts t-shirts on the ground floor so I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. Success!

Totally ended up watching Harry Potter in my Harry Potter pyjamas...
 It didn't stop there though, I insisted on going back upstairs just to have 'another look' and all of a sudden these bad boys jumped into my basket... I mean, who could resist minion pyjamas?? Obviously, these are not the exact matching pair but I decided to mix and match because I couldn't choose between the two!

I ended up forcing myself away because it was just getting silly when I also ended up picking up Bugs Bunny slippers but that didn't stop me from going back a couple of days later and coming home with this because they actually had it in my size. I insist on wearing it to the office all the time. It's totally office wear.

Well done Primark, you have made me one very happy geek.


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    1. You might need to be quick! I went in the other day to buy another t-shirt and they were running out of sizes!

  2. I'm actually wearing Primark Minion pyjamas while reading this post haha.


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