Dates with Charlie: I got to see KYLIE!

Oh yes, I know you're all seething with jealousy... I know I would be. Oh wait, I WAS THERE.

It's not every day you get a phone call saying someone has got their hands on last minute tickets to Kylie for that night. I got so excited I did a little squeal at the office and had to remember I was at work and people probably didn't appreciate it.

Not only did I get a ticket, I got a VIP ticket. I've been to the O2 many times for gigs and I'm always either squished right at the barrier or right in the heavens looking down and convinced I'm going to fall. This time we got a booth! There were only four rows of seats in our booth so we could always see, the seats were so much more comfortable than usual and there was a bar directly behind us just for us. A barman could even take orders at our seats which makes a nice change to having to force your way through a crowd just to get to the bar and by the time you get back you've missed three songs!

The view from our box, look at that crowd!
This show was the first pop gig I had been to since Take That reformed in 2006 and before that I went to Steps when I was very very tiny (7?) so I had no idea what to expect. It was pretty much as spectacular as you'd expect and slightly erotic in parts. Kylie clearly knows how to play for her demographic!

Throughout the show there was a massive screen behind the stage that was pretty much Kylie's face and body parts throughout and occasional shots of dancers with sexual paraphernalia around their necks. The dancers flitted between wearing latex body suits (slightly gimpy) or next to nothing!

Then there was Kylie herself, at the start of the show she appeared through the floor on a giant set of red lips, performed dance routines and went through an impressive eight costume changes throughout the two hours she performed to her screaming fans. She was absolutely perfect and I now wish I was her and Charlie has decided if she could be anything in life she would definitely be a gay icon.


The only down side for me was that the performance was pretty much a light show and I'm epileptic. I'm proud of the fact that I've been able to survive many Nine Inch Nails gigs since my diagnosis just over two years ago (I think...) but this made Nine Inch Nails light shows look tame and they are already pretty mental. As a preventive measure against any brain farts Charlie gave me her Miu Miu sunglasses to wear for the rest of the show. I was that idiot wearing sunglasses indoors but it was worth it a I got through the show seizure free. I did have a massive headache for the whole of the next day though...

Preventing seizures in some amazing glasses!
Seeing Kylie in concert is definitely a massive tick off my list and cosidering VIP tickets were only £56 through yplan I'll be keeping an eye out for Beyonce tickets next time especially since I have spent around the same price for standing tickets before!

Did you get to see Kylie too? What's your next concert?
(all photos are courtesy of Charlie)


  1. I like this sub-header! I hope Dates With Charlie is a new theme!

  2. It's so cool you got to sit in a box! Sounds like you had a great time too!

    1. It was soo good. Loved it. The boxes are totally worth it if you can get them through yplan and not spend an arm, a leg and the soul of a virgin to get one!


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