The Musical Bingo Halloween Ball!

The Musical Bingo Halloween Ball!

If you've never been to Musical Bingo, you really need to sort your life out. It's guaranteed to best night out you will ever have and their Halloween Ball is the best of them all. We all love it so much that a bunch of us are or are becoming regular faces at Musical Bingo events!

A lot of people seem confused by the concept whenever I say I'm going but it does exactly what it says on the tin. You play Bingo... just with music tracks instead of numbers. Simples. There are always prizes that can range from 'WTF' to 'Oh dear god, I definitely have space in my kitchen for ANOTHER slow cooker'. One of the best parts was that for their Halloween Ball, there were prizes for costumes too! I think we all made a pretty good effort after a mass rush to get ready in my office after work!

'Zombie' apparently, that is uncooked pastry, blood and face-paint all over his face!
There are always three rounds during the night and you feel a strange thrill when you see you're only one track away from a full house followed by crushing disappointment when someone else beats you to the DJ waving their Bingo card ecstatically. This time around I wasn't lucky enough to win anything (last time I got the mystery box!) but we had plenty of winners in our group!

My friend Charlie won a very exciting trophy for 'most horrific' outfit, my boyfriend won 'best face-paint' and my friend Ben did us all proud and won us a bar tab for the best 'twerk-off' I have ever seen. That's right, 'twerk-off'.

Obviously, many drunken shenanigans were had and we all had a fantastic time, but that's to be expected at Musical Bingo! Here's just a snap shot (courtesy of my boyfriend's mobile phone!) of all the fun that was had but you should check out their Facebook Page to see what you were missing out on!

Just before that 'twerk-off'!

Being sung 'Happy Birthday'! Great day for a birthday!

I don't even know...

If this looks like your sort if thing, head on over to their website to see what else the guys have coming up!

Have you ever been to Musical Bingo?

What I wore: Halloween!

What I wore: Halloween!

As you may have seen from my post last week, I spent Saturday making my costume and practising my make up ready for the Musical Bingo Halloween Party! I love Halloween and I love Musical Bingo and when I saw there were also prizes for costumes, I knew I had to go all out!

The look I went for was (as delightful as it sounds) 'dead girl'. I was going to put something a little more intense here as a description but thought better of it!

It was far too hard to make my pathetically thin hair to stand up at all the angles I wanted it to but with copious amounts of fake blood and hair spray, it got worse in a good way as the night went on.

This was also a bargain costume, costing me a grand total of £7.75 but this is mainly because I already owned fake blood and bruise powder!!

What's your Halloween costume this year?

Nailing it: Halloween nails #3 - Sugar Skulls

Nailing it: Halloween nails #3 - Sugar Skulls

Yes, yes. I know this is more of a dia de los muertos (day of the dead) thing but I absolutely love sugar skulls. So much so I even had a tattoo of one last year! I also wanted to try something a little more challenging. I've been putting this off for a while as I have next to no artistic talent but pictures on Pinterest have been taunting me for ages!

For this, you need a variety of bright colours, white, a thin dotting tool, a large dotting tool and a square brush. Also, be prepared to make a mess. Luckily I had a wonderful assistant (my boyfriend) to clean all my tools!

1. Your base

Wherever you're going to have your sugar skull you'll need white nail as it's a lot easier than drawing a skull free hand. I chose to do just an accent nail as it was my first try and painted the rest black.

2. The skull

 I saw this tip on Pinterest and it actually makes a lot of sense. Take your square brush and use it a slight angle and paint down both sides of your nails flat ways (technical term) to create the illusion of cheek bones.

And the mess has started!

Use your larger dotting tool for the eyes and the brush again, using the tip to criss cross and make the mouth. You can also use a smaller dotting tool in white to create teeth here but mine ended up too small to do this this time.

3. The eyes

Sugar skulls are known for having really elaborate eyes. To get this look, use your small dotting tool and create a flower pattern around your black dots. I made a bit of a mess here so had to re-apply the black afterwards.

4. The decoration

As you can see from the picture above I had already kind of started this part. Use one of your colours (I used a pink Barry M Nail Art pen) and dot along the cheek bones and one more on the 'chin'.

Next, use your small dotting tool to dot around the top corners of the skull, this can be completely random. I also used a tiny, tiny dotting tool to create a love heart bang in the centre. Mainly because my tattoo has a rose here!

And you're done!! Because I ran out of decent black nail polish I topped it off with glitter to hide the cheap 'plastic' look. Must go to the shop soon and restock!

Bit wonky but not bad for a first try!

Have you tried Sugar Skull nail art before?

What I wore: Yet another wedding

What I wore: Yet another wedding

I have reached that where people are getting married all around me. I find it hard to understand because really I'm convinced that I'm still 16 years old without a care in the world and that marriage and 'settling down' is a million miles away... it really isn't.

Every time a new invite slips through the post, I have a moment of hysteria where no matter how many clothes I have in my wardrobe, I never have anything to wear and end up last minute panic buying. We've all been there.

This time though I didn't want to go through another expense when the rational part of my brain fought itself through the panic and mae me remember all the dresses I have! 

I bought this dress as my 'dancing dress' for my cousin's wedding in August for when the bridesmaid's dress would inevitably become too hot or I started tripping over the hem...

I know it's a taboo to wear white to a wedding that isn't your own but as the pattern is so bold it feels more like a blue dress to me. 

Look! It gives me hips! 
As the dress was so pattern heavy I kept all my accessories simple, using my Ted Baker clutch and nude shoes (which have become my wardrobe staples) and a silver necklace which is so tiny you can't even see it.

Nothing to OTT for me this time!

What did you wear to the last wedding you went to?

Getting ready for Halloween - My Costume

Getting ready for Halloween - My Costume

I absolutely love Halloween. I haven't been able to celebrate it properly for a while, purely because I have a load of other things happening at the same time, mainly because it's my birthday the day before! This year, I'm going to be celebrating my birthday at the Musical Bingo Halloween Party and as there are prizes for the best costumes, I really should make an effort.

I have decided as I'm going to go as the corpse of a girl and it takes more than just makeup to really make an impact so I've gone through the effort of making my own costume and here's an how to on making your own, you know, in case you're stuck for ideas!

Obviously, for something like this, you're not going to want to ruin any of your clothes, unless you have something absolutely perfect! I went to my local charity shop and bought myself a white dress for a grand total of £3.75! When the lovely lady at the till was complimenting my dress and saying how pretty it was, I didn't have the heart to tell her that it would be a completely different story a few hours later!

To do this you need some pretty basic things. I started off with a bowl of tea and the tea bags, some fake blood and a sponge. You'll also need a hair dryer at some point!

First of all, put the dress on and mark where you think it should be ripped. For the rest, make sure you lay it on a towel because you're going to make one hell of a mess!

Where you've made your marks, cut slightly then tear along the lines. You don't want it to look perfect so tearing will be as messy as possible.

Bit blurry as this was in motion!

Your next step is to use your tea. we have all used this technique at school to make things like parchment so it's perfect for making your dress look as destroyed as possible. Along your tears, apply the tea bags for a little longer to make them look darker.


As I was going along, I thought that there was so much more I could do. After all, I wanted to make it look like I had been dead for a while and just crawled out of my own grave. In the end I grabbed some coffee and rubbed it into the fabric, as I used powder (fancy coffee) rather than granules it made the dress not only look a bit muddier but also mouldy where the granules had all stuck together into the fabric. Awesome.

Before you do any more, give the dress a quick blast with a hair dryer so you can see if the dress is going to be the colour you want. This way if you want to make it a bit darker you can do so quickly rather than having to wait for ages.

The next step is the most fun part. Take your fake blood and out it wherever you want. I focused around the edges of my tears and in random splatters using my finger tips. I made such a mess.

Another quick blast with the hair dryer and you're all done!! the blood won't dry completely so you'll have to leave it over night just in case. 

What do you think? Have you started on your costume yet?

What I Wore: Trying this whole Autumn thing

What I Wore: Trying this whole Autumn thing

As you may have noticed, it's getting colder. It's not very nice but I'm still not ready to stop wearing dresses on a daily basis. However there's only so much tights can do to keep you warm and surely everyone wants to be able to still look good while keeping the cold at bay.

I've seen this look a couple of times on Pinterest and YouTube videos but never thought of giving it a go myself until someone at work said I could probably pull it off. Why not give it a try then?

Dress: New Look (can't really see it)
Scarf: H&M
Cardigan: River Island
Belt: New Look
Shoes: Office
Hat: Urban Outfitters

It's the simplest thing in the world and I do love a good scarf so there are lots of different combinations I could go for. This time it was emerald green with vertigo shoes! I love it and will be definitely doing it again, especially since it helps keep me warm in an office that's pretty much the arctic!

Have you tried this look or would you give it a go?

Nailing it: Halloween nails #2 - dripping blood

Nailing it: Halloween nails #2 - dripping blood

Something a little gorier this time! I have tried something similar before but this time it's in reverse and looks so cool.

Unlike previous tutorials I have done, this requires hardly any tools. All you need is a base coat and red polish plus a dotting tool and a brush. If you don't have either of these, you can do the blood detailing with a toothpick.

1. Base coat

As there's going to be hardly any colour here, you need to make sure you have a nice base to paint on and also a nice finish to your nails so do not skimp on the base coat. I used two coats of the Barry M Top and Base coat for an extra shiny look.

2. Start with the tips

One of the joys of this design is that it doesn't have to be tidy. This is idea for me because I used to bite my nails as a child and now they're far from straight!

Either use your art brush or the bottle lid-brush-thing to paint around your nails, similarly to a french tip. I used the brush because I found the tip easier to apply as my nails are tiny.

3. Drip, drip, drop

Use your dotting tool and red polish to create the 'droplet of blood'. I used the biggest one I had and made three dots on each nail but it's entirely up to you how far you want to go with this.

4. The last touch

Finally, use your brush/tooth pick to join the 'droplets' to the tip of your nails. This doesn't have to be neat either, the wobblier the better. 

And you're all done! Other than that pesky top coat that everyone seems to forget about...

Have you tried any Halloween nail art yet?

The Book Blogger Tag

The Book Blogger Tag

I saw this come up earlier in the week on Water Painted Dreams and thought I should give it a go myself! Even though I don't solely blog about books, I read a hell of a lot and books have featured in previous posts as I love to chat about what I have been reading and finding new books to read which is always a pleasure.

So here we go, answering all the questions!

Which book did you recently not finish?

I hate not finishing a book! I always force myself to the end if I can no matter how much I hate it. I think the last book I didn't finish was The Passage, purely because I had borrowed it off my cousin and never got around to buying a copy for myself.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?

I love young adult books and am not ashamed to say that I will happily read The Hunger Games trilogy over and over again!

Which book do you love to hate?

This is a tough one because I either love a book and will happily read it again or I'll never want to see the thing again... 

I'm sorry, I can't answer this question.

Which book would you throw into the sea?

Gone Girl. In a heartbeat. I'd probably set it on fire first. My hatred for the thing isn't exactly a secret!

Which book have you read the most?

Hmmm. It'll probably be the Harry Potter series, Little Women, The Chronicles of Narnia or To Kill a Mockingbird.  Bit of a collection, I know but I make sure I read these every year and my life wouldn't be complete without them. You'll definitely need to throw Wuthering Heights in there too!

Which book would you hate to recieve as a present?

I absolutely hate chick lit, you know the kind of thing chocaholic meets the boy, loses the boy then gets the boy again while breaking her Jimmy Choo shoes, that nonsense (yes, I totally made up this title). I'm not enthralled by these desperate tales that women feel they HAVE to read purely because they're a woman. I want something that grips me from page to page and doesn't make my soul die a little with every chapter.

Which book could you not live without?

Probably Little Women, I've read it too many times since a child and had to get it on my Kindle because after so many rereads and being partially eaten by my dog Jet, it fell apart last year and I didn't have the heart to buy a new physical copy because that one was so cherished.

Which book made you the angriest?

Already mentioned (again) but it's definitely Gone Girl. I hated the characters, felt no sympathy towards them, hated the ending, hated the way it was written... generally hated it. I felt like I had wasted a part of my life just by forcing myself to finish it in the hope it would get better. It didn't.

Which book made you cry the most?

Yet another difficult one. Possibly War Horse or The Shock of the Fall. Both books made me burst into tears on the tube on my way to work, to the point where I was sobbing uncontrollably and didn't care who saw me. I had just been on an emotional journey god damn it!

What book cover do you hate the most?

Book covers aren't usually a problem for me although, saying that, something extemely pretty will capture my attention. The only thing I can think of is I'm not a fan of the American covers for the Harry Potter series. They just seem wrong to me.

That's it!! I nominate Charlie from Shopped and Dropped :-)

Want to keep up with what I'm reading? You can follow me on Goodreads.

Nailing it: Halloween Nails #1 - Jack and Sally

Nailing it: Halloween Nails #1 - Jack and Sally

It's approaching Halloween (and therefore my birthday!) and I couldn't be more excited. It's been forever and a day since I did a nail art tutorial... in fact it's been forever since I have done ANY nail art! To show off how much I love Halloween and how excited I am about it I've decided to do a couple of nail tutorials to show you how easy it can be.

Last night I experimented a little bit with patchwork and pinstripes, inspired by Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and it was so easy I might do patchwork nails again.

Apologies but I was in my pyjamas when I did this. Please don't judge my bright yellow Spongebob dressing gown!

For this you need black white, blue, yellow and pink nail polishes. I striping brush, a small brush and a large dotting tool. Plus top coat if you want it to last! I find myself in the awful predicament of needing to replace a lot of my nail polishes so I used a variety of brands, however the Models Own ones provided much better coverage.

Excuse the mobile photo... it was late when I did this.

 1. All the colours!

Obviously you need to start with your base. Decide which nails you want to be pinstripe and which you want to be patchwork. Paint the pinstriped nails white and the patchwork should be half pink, half yellow.

Leave this to dry for about 5 minutes then apply the blue at the tip slightly diagonally.

2. Stripes!!

Stripes an be a right pain, especially if you don't have a steady hand, I know I don't. Use your striping brush and apply the stripes in one go. I noticed that if you hold your breath, the stripes come out a little steadier.

3. The detail

Use your tiny, brush and black nail polish to line along the edges of the colour for your patchwork with two small lines half way between each to look like stitches,

4. Jack!

Obviously you don't need to do this part but I had Jack nails last year and loved them so I thought I'd do them again. Yours will probably turn out better than mine though as it just didn't seem to want to work this year!

Use your dotting tool and black polish for his eyes and use the tiny, tiny brush to add the extra features. It's nice and easy but I failed at it this year!

All finished!!

There you go, all finished! Keep an eye out for my next Halloween nail tutorial over the next couple of days.

Did you have a go? How did it look?