That's an offal lot of food - cooking with Jenius Social

Excuse the TERRIBLE pun... it's was too good an opportunity to miss :-p Yup, I suck...

ANYWAY, thanks to my wonderful friend Charlie, I was invited to attend another blogger cooking class with Jenius Social. They have so many classes and events available, I'm pretty sure it won't be my last visit.

I got really excited by all the random food I had never heard of
I think this apron might be too big for me...
As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm quite picky with food, especially meat on the bone, so cooking with offal is never something I would have considered but if I had turned down this opportunity, I'm sure I would have regretted it. Plus, it's not very often you can say 'yeah, I did that thing'.

I had no idea what all this stuff was...
ALL the spices!

When we arrived, we found out that there was more than one class happening that evening, being asked if you were here for the cheese tasting made me really jealous because I obviously wanted to do that and eat all the cheese. However, I did know that our class was going to be more fun so was quickly presented with one of those never ending glasses of wine and an apron that made me look even smaller than I already am!

Our lovely chef and teacher
When we were in the kitchen, everything had been all set out for us and we had some time to take a gander and try to work out what everything was! Only the pigs ears were the most obvious to me!

After initially being grossed out by all the things, it was time for a demonstration on how it should all be cooked. Obviously, ours were not going to turn out the same way!

Making tortillas! 
Now this looks yummy
I'll give you three guesses what these are - not chicken breasts!
Cooking the above

There was always no way our would look this good

The difference between the class with Jenius Social compared to the other one was that there was a much smaller group of us, and even though there was only one chef rather than 3, it felt a lot more intimate and he made sure to come around and help everyone out, even if you were asking the simplest of things.

We also got to actually cook! Last time, we were mainly doing the prep and even though it was really helpful to learn how to skin and bone fish, I much prefer the actual cooking part, seeing the end result and knowing you did that.

It was finally time to get stuck into it, and I once again had to deal with that thing where I can't handle meat on the bone... shredding Trotters was my first job...

Can't believe I'm actually smiling here!

Some of the other girls had a lot more fun with their pigs ears and tongues!

However, Charlie and I had so much fun slicing and preparing TESTICLES! That's right, testicles. It was like something from I'm a celebrity and there was always a moment where fellow bloggers were squeezing between us to take photos, some of which were sent to boyfriends out of sheer hilarity...

Judging by the pictures above, I don't think we did a bad job!

Standing on a chair is the perfect vantage point!

The testicles look like chicken nuggets!

When it was finally time to eat I made sure I gave everything a go and ended up eating oxtail, tongue, trotters and ears! Something I never thought I would do. Some of it was surprisingly delicious but I don't think I'll be cooking any of it at home...

There are so many different classes available, I already have my eye on the bread making class as it's something I have always wanted to master, if you want to take a look for yourself, all their classes and events are listed here.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this class free of charge, prices for all other classes vary.


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    1. It was surprisingly good! Especially considering I'm really funny with my food. If you ever get an opportunity to go you'll love it. So much fun and there's loads you learn.

  2. I admire your work regarding the blog, well done :)


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