For the love of books - exciting trip to Foyles

In case you haven't realised, I'm an absolute book fiend, I have probably spent more money on books over the years than I have on shoes and that's really saying something!

Last month my good friend Charlie and I parted ways after two years of living together. It turns out it was time to grow up and live with boys! Considering we're no longer going to see each other every day (which still feels strange), we're going to spend more time meeting up and doing random things.

Our first 'Friend Date' involved coffee and book browsing in the new Foyles flagship store and it was fantastic. It's absolutely bloody massive. Complete heaven. It has every book you could possibly imagine, we even found the Harry Potter books in Latin! I was completely kicking myself when my phone died and I couldn't take a photo.

Foyles from the first floor
Obviously, spending a couple of hours in a book shop is just a disaster waiting to happen because I have absolutely no self control. As can be seen by the state of our basket when we were only half way around the shop.

Probably picked up too many books...
One of the first sections was the (what seemed like a) never ending food section. We both absolutely adore cooking and the idea of having more recipes to hand fills with me with joy, I always like to try something new. My boyfriend has already been introduced to some of my new favourites after my book trip.

One of my favourite sections in any book shop is the sci-fi and fantasy section, it's full of some of my favourite authors and any book you'll get from there will just whisk you away to a whole new world and adventures you'll never want to leave. Well, they do for me anyway!

Absolutely loving this sign. 
While walking around my favourite section, I had to convince myself out of buying new copies of books I have already read, and authors I already new I enjoyed and ended buying a random book off a random shelf just because I liked the cover (bad book lover).

Realising we had gone a little bit over board, the time had come to sit in a corner and work out what we were going to get as the basket was far too heavy. Charlie and I both love people reading to us and the best way to choose between all the books we had picked up along the way was to have one of us read blurbs aloud with the other deciding which sounded the most interesting. We ended up cutting down our haul by half and I spent a lot less than I expected.

Charlie having to choose... difficult.
All in all, the Foyles flagship store may be my new favourite place in the world and I will be going back on my birthday! *counts down the days*

What was the last book you bought?


  1. Ahh the Foyles flagship looks beautiful! I must visit....

    1. It really is. If you do go, make sure you take ALL the money. There will be no stopping you.


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