All the essentials - What every girl needs to get through life

This isn't going to be one of those posts where I sit here and tell you what you MUST buy,  I just happen to think there are a couple of things that are essentials in every beauty routine. I may be completely wrong.

Everyone has a signature look but there are a couple of things out there that will automatically make a girl explode with joy. Even if you don't use them every day, you know they're there and you can have a look for any occasion without worry.

For me, the ultimate essentials are:

The perfect red lipstick

This is actually surprisingly hard to find! Obviously everyone has different skin tones and with me some shades can end up making me look like Morticia Addams. It may be perfect for Hallowe'en but certainly not for a job interview.

Got to love a little pout

After trying what felt like all the lipsticks in the world I have finally found THE lipstick that I can't live without. It's not a fancy brand and it's really not expensive. 

Topshop have released this beautiful shade for their Red Lippy Project where you can raise awareness for cervical cancer in style. It's a fantastic concept and 30% of their proceeds go towards the project. Better yet, it's only £8 and is long lasting so fewer stains on my coffee cups throughout the day. If you want to give it a go and pout for a good cause, you can get it here.

Moisturise girls!

I'm going to be honest, I'm still pretty rubbish at this as I always forget at night but it's reach that point in life where soon there will be no escaping the ageing process. But I can damn well try.

Moisturising for me isn't just about keeping my skin silky soft or fighting back the inevitable lines that I have convinced my elf are starting to appear. Moisturising just makes you feel amazing as well, even when I have been horrendously hung over and hating the world, I just slap on my moisturiser and I automatically feel fresh faced and ready to deal with humanity.

Everyone will have different tastes, a girl I know uses cocoa butter because it gives her the ideal base for her makeup no matter what the weather, but if you're like me and have horridly dry skin/Eczema/Psoriasis I use the Eucerin Even Brighter Day and Night creams. I'm a lucky sod and got mine as a gift a few months ago and normally £22.50 would be a little steep for me but now I know how good it is, I'll never use anything else.

A signature scent

Everyone loves smelling good and have you noticed how certain smells can make you remember the strangest things? It might sound a little strange but I like the idea of if people smell my perfume, they automatically remember me. I do it all the time, like one of my closest friends uses a Ginger perfume and whenever I smell it in Lush I remember about that thing I need to get back to her about or organise drinks soon. You know, that kind of thing.

After trying many and have loads littering my beauty cabinet, my all time favourite is Marc Jacobs 'Lola', not only does it smell absolutely amazing but even looking a this exciting bottle makes me happy. I'm reaching the end though so soon I'll have to make an emergency trip to boots!

A bloody good mascara

Sometimes the cheap ones just don't cut it unless you get lucky. I've found that they're either icky and clumpy or end up streaming down your face the moment you get a sweat on and neither are pleasant. With mascara, there's no point in spending so much time on your face if you ignore the lashes, your look won't have quite the same impact. Even if you just haven't had time to do your whole makeup routine, just applying a bit of mascara can make a world of difference and make you look like you've put all the effort in.

Excuse the glitter!!!

After some discussions with friends and in the office, we have all reached a mutual agreement that Benefit's 'They're Real' is the best mascara in the whole world. Worth the splurge, doesn't run and gives your lashes a long fan-like appearance. Love it.

Always have a back up hairspray

This is one of the many things my mum taught me that I will never forget. Even if you don't use it a lot, you'll never know when you're going to need it. I normally keep one in my desk at work for one of those unplanned trips to the pub when you need a bit more oomph. 

A pocket mirror

This one is completely common sense really but we've all had those moments where we've woken up late, done our makeup in a rush and feel a right mess when we realise we have a big foundation streak along our jaw line. Buy cheap old 99p thing from Superdrug or even a cornershop, throw it in the depths of your handbag and know you'll always have one for emergencies.

What do you think are the ultimate essentials in a beauty routine?


  1. I have half a bottle of Lola Rose you can have, I don't use it anymore as it's too sweet for me :)


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