What I wore: New shoes and Tartan

I don't know about you but I fricking love Tartan.

Being half Scottish it's a part of my culture and we have our own colours. They are absolutely beautiful and my dad says he will only buy one kilt in his life and that will be worn to my wedding. Isn't he sweet.

An another sweet note my boyfriend bought me this Tartan dress completely out of the blue and I love it. It's one of my go to work dresses as it's nice and sensible and still screams 'me'.

Today I chose to wear it with my new platform shoes from the office sale which add a good few inches, making me look a normal person height, and some blue accessories including a TARDIS lunchbox as a bag. I'm cool.

I went for blue accessories because I have recently tried a new Barry M nail polish and wanted to make it a part of my outfit. It's an absolutely beautiful shade but the only downside is that it took 4 coats to get a good amount of coverage. It's going to be such a pain to take off but it still looks pretty.

How do you wear Tartan?

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