Freckles - Love them or hate them?

Some of you may have already seen/heard that people have started to spend money on having their freckles permenantly removed. I had a quick discussion about this on Facebook and it's still really bothering me. Obviously it may not be as the Daily Mail claims, a new 'trend' or 'craze' but people are definitely having it done and I genuinely don't understand.

The lady in said article says that she was self conscious about hers after being bullied which is understandable. Maybe I'm lucky in the sense that I was able to deal with being bullied over mine... and my glasses... and my height but I (personally) still don't think it's worth spending that much money to have some flecks removed. Plus, I don't think there should be a reason to no longer embrace who you are, but again, maybe I'm just lucky.

Freckles are one of the things that make me 'Me', if you know what I mean? I've naver made any attempt to hide them and I actually quite like how more and more appear when I'm in the sunshine. One of the reasons I look forward to summer is because I get more!!

My flatmate made the point of 'you wear foundation' but the only reason I wear it is because my skin is in a bad condition and I need to hide spots and pores. Luckily I have found a foundation that means my freckles are still proudly on show! During the summer, especially on holiday, the sun starts to clear my skin so I like to go bareface.

One thing I don't understand about this procedure is how surely you'll still get them back after you've spent a good few days basking in the sun so surely it's a waste of over £100 per session? Plus, after the success of #NoMakeupSelfie, you'd think people would be more confident with themselves following all the compliments received despite flaws? Now we hear about people being offered laser treatments to get rid of something truly beautiful.

Freckles add true character to your face and I know so many people who wished they had them. Freckles add to your own beauty and think about it, how dull would a leopard be without its spots?

Treasure every single 'fairy kiss' you have and NEVER let people feel like you aren't beautiful because of them. They're probably just jealous.

To celebrate freckles, here's me in all my freckled glory hoping for more to be on their way

What do you think? Do you love your freckles, hate them or whish you had them? 


  1. It's an odd one isn't it? I've never been teased for my freckles (been teased about many other things) and I love them on myself and everyone else. I embrace my 'fairy kisses', or 'Sun kisses' as we call them in my family, and cheers for you doing so yourself. Love your blog, please keep writing your lovely words. Kat

    1. Why thank you! It took a while but I'll always be proud of my freckles and I'm glad you are too. No one should ever feel like their freckles aren't beautiful :-)


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