Foodie fun at the Underground Cookery School

As some of you may already know from my Instagram antics, I love cooking. Especially baking! I like to think I'm quite good for an amateur but there's so much more I need to learn and perfect before I can ever think of myself as a Monica or Bree Van de Camp - sadly I WILL be one of these two when I'm older and I really don't mind.

When Anneleise invited me to attend the Underground Cookery School, I jumped at the chance. Who could say no?

Annoyingly I missed the intro and canapes (silly tube) but when I arrived I was immediately greeted with what became a magical glass of Prosecco that was never empty. I also realised that I managed to miss the bit I was dreading, my flatmate shelling broad beans!

We got to experience a lot of things for this from making meringue perfectly (I thought I was already awesome at it but was proven wrong) carving a chicken properly and filleting a sea bass.

The latter were relative new to me, I don't like handling chicken on the bone and usually my flatmate does this part at home and because I'm scared of fish (don't judge me) I had never handled a fish that still has its face before. I usually get freaked out by them 'looking at me' when ever we go pass the fish counter in supermarkets! It was such a big deal for me, you have no idea.

Check out Charlie getting well into it
Carving the chicken properly actually went pretty well considering it's not one of my favourite things, I'm really short and have next to no body strength. I did have to do most of it while standing on my tiptoes!

As you can tell by my face, I was not impressed with this situation!
The sea bass was an entirely different matter. I ended up absolutely obliterating mine and the chef had to do an extra one :-p Oops. There was no point in me even taking a photo of this. It was shameful.

Now I've tasted it, I don't understand what my issue was with eating fish. My flatmate has got me eating things like cod but venturing any further seems strange to me but when we had it as our starter, it was absolutely amazing so I'm honestly considering making it at home... will have to buy fillets though!

All sat down and tucking into our starter.
The sea bass was served with a pea and mint dressing (another thing I hadn't tried before) and I never thought about how well these things would go together

The main course was with broad Beans, Jersey Royals and Salsa Verde. Normally I wouldn't even be able to handle beans being on my plate as they could contaminate the rest of the food but I was a big brave girl and the first thing I did was put all the beans on my flatmate's plate. Once that situation had been dealt with, I dove right in and I'm pretty sure this was my favourite dish on the menu!

And then came dessert of Strawberry Meringue Roulade. I am funny with sweet things. I love making them but very rarely eat them. I have no idea why. This was a completely different matter, considering we did every single step (excluding putting them in the oven) I had to give it a go because it would be rude not to. I ended up polishing the whole thing off a la Simpsons style when all the food is gone in a few seconds.

Charlie getting ready to finish off the dessert!
Look! She did such a good job! *proud*

At the end of the evening I went home with a very full belly and totally ready for a sleepy. I met some wonderful bloggers and had a whale of a time.

If you get a chance to go to the Underground Cookery School, you can book a place over on their website and if you fancy any of the featured recipes, just give me a shout and I'll send them your way!

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this event for free but all opinions are mine and truthful

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