What I'm listening to - 'Waves' by Bitter Ruin

What I'm listening to - 'Waves' by Bitter Ruin

I was talking to someone a little while ago about how apparently because we now live in a 'download generation', people rarely, if ever, listen to an album from beginning to end anymore. Think about it, when was the last time you did?Even I mainly rely on my Spotify playlists and recommendations based on my 'taste'. (Not always accurate. No Spotify, I will not be listening to My Chemical Romance, thank you very much).

However, every now and again an album is announced that takes me back to being a teenager all over again. The countdown to the release date, preordering my copy so I won't be the only one without it when I go into school on Monday and, of course, listening to it from beginning to end. On repeat.

The most recent album to make me feel this way is the anticipated first official album by Bitter Ruin, funded and backed by their fans through a Kickstarter project.

I have loved Bitter Tuin for a few years now and have seen them so many times I lost count ages ago. They bring a whole new dynamic to music that I thought was lost years ago and 'Waves' is nothing short of mesmerising.

It came out on 12th May and I can safely say I have listened to it pretty much everyday since. On the day of its release my flat mate and I were having a mutual 'this album is making me cry' moment from our different offices. It's moving in so many ways, one track will send shivers down your spine and the next will have you in tears.

If you don't know who they are, you can listen to Waves on Spotify, buy it here and buy tickets for their next show (4th June - 100 Club, London) here.


What's your favourite album at the moment? 

Afternoon tea and cats - all the awesome

Afternoon tea and cats - all the awesome

I have been trying to blog about this for weeks so apologies if I'm a bit behind the times!

Tea, cake and cats! Honestly, where's bad in this scenario? I'm so glad my flatmate was experiencing post Australia blues and booked us a table here AGES ago! I have wanted to go to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium since it opened and now I know it's something that all cat lovers should experience.

You pay a £5 contribution before you go in, I know this might seem strange, but once you're in there you really understand why.

You walk through the door and you're automatically completely in love with it. I definitely was! The tiniest details from the decorations to even the Wi Fi password add the cutest touch and you automatically feel right at home. The mismatched furniture and 'grass' on tables (oh yes) makes it feel as though you've fallen down the rabbit hole - plus there are cats EVERYWHERE.

Little cat tips all around the place!

Before I get too excited about the cats, let's focus on the other important things. First of all the food, there was so much of it. Charlie and I both ordered the Ploughman's and despite how delicious it was, we were both defeated by it. Somehow though, the mythical 'dessert belly' still had room for a banoffee pie that puts mine to shame.

The Brie really didn't last long

With Jazz and blues playing in the background, it really felt as though you were lost somewhere in some forgotten place rather than the centre of London and there are boardgames everywhere just in case you get bored of the cats - obviously never going to happen.

Look at that face!
Having two hours to play with cats and drink tea is my personal idea of heaven and is just too amazing for words. Obviously they were all just attention seeking with everyone clamouring to play with them but we discovered that if you had their favourite toy, the spring, they couldn't get enough of you.

This is Petra, my favourite cat

If you haven't been, book tickets and experience it all for yourself, it really would be silly not to.

Have you ever been to Lady Dinah's?

What I Wore - White and gold

What I Wore - White and gold

The sun's out! Isn't it exciting?!

I'm heading up to Scotland at the weekend and will have to wave good-bye to the warm weather so I may as well take advantage of it while I can. Knowing my luck it will be all rain and hail when I get back.

I never wear white as I'm really conscious of spilling things on it and that I'd look too pale. After a last minute Primark shop to find a white shirt for a party, I found this and decided it was so much better than a bog standard white shirt as there are many ways that I can wear it. Today I went for the dress look (with a mini skirt underneath so it's more suitable for work!!)

Shirt - Primark £10

I kept accessories to the minimum as I liked the simple look but chose to wear a birthday present my flatmate bought me MANY years ago. It breaks up the outfit nicely and although it's not as gold as it once was, it's still really cute.

I went for my nude heels by Melissa, they're kind of like jellies with little gold buckles and I think they make my legs look longer. A girl can dream.

Shoes - Melissa £29.99

I got mine a few years ago but you can get the white and black versions in the Melissa sale.

How do you wear white?