Oh Look, New Bag

After a pretty shoddy end to 2013, everything picked itself back up again when I landed a brand new job! What better way to celebrate than take a little trip to Ted Baker and, similarly to Rachel Green's 'I got new boots, boots', here's my 'yay, you got a new job bag'

I'm not a massive bag person as I'm sure I've mentioned before and I'll very rarely spend more than £30 on one - the rest of my money tends to go on shoes... but this was too beautiful to turn down and there's a whole range to match it from dresses to shoes so I'm pretty tempted.

It's big enough to hold all my personal and work stuff and unlike a bag of roughly the same size I bought from Zara a few months ago, it's nice and light so it doesn't give me a dead arm after about 5 minutes which is always nice. Plus there's a nice little tablet sized pocket!

What's your favourite bag?

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