Oh Look, New Bag

Oh Look, New Bag

After a pretty shoddy end to 2013, everything picked itself back up again when I landed a brand new job! What better way to celebrate than take a little trip to Ted Baker and, similarly to Rachel Green's 'I got new boots, boots', here's my 'yay, you got a new job bag'

I'm not a massive bag person as I'm sure I've mentioned before and I'll very rarely spend more than £30 on one - the rest of my money tends to go on shoes... but this was too beautiful to turn down and there's a whole range to match it from dresses to shoes so I'm pretty tempted.

It's big enough to hold all my personal and work stuff and unlike a bag of roughly the same size I bought from Zara a few months ago, it's nice and light so it doesn't give me a dead arm after about 5 minutes which is always nice. Plus there's a nice little tablet sized pocket!

What's your favourite bag?

Nailing it: Flowers and stripes tutorial

Nailing it: Flowers and stripes tutorial

I've been having a lot of compliments about my nails recently as I've been experimenting a lot more. I bought a bunch of new tools off eBay and have been trying a different design every week! Got to love nail art Sundays.

Yesterday my friend Frankie came over and she loves my nail art so I thought I'd teach her how to do it. She is my wonderful hand model for this step by step tutorial :-)

You will need:

  1. A variety of colours! At least 6 different shades. I went for mostly pastels from Barry M
  2. A striping brush - I used a Model's Own nail art pen which has a dotting tool and a striping brush giving you the best of both worlds
  3. 2 thin nail art brushes, one should be square similar to an eyeliner brush. I got mine here from eBay
Step 1

Select your two key colours. we went for three fingers in pastel blue and two in pastel pink.

Step 2

Using your striping brush, paint thin vertical lines across the pink nails to create a candy stripe effect. I'd recommend using the side of the brush as it's thinner and as you can see from the picture, Frankie has tiny nails so it worked perfectly.

Step 3

The roses are a lot easier than they look. I promise! Using your square brush, all you need to do is blob in random places! We used the light peach for this one.

Step 4

Using the thinner brush, 'higlight' the roses using a darker shade of pink. Again, this is very easy, you don't need to overload the brush with paint. Just cover the tip and do little squiggles in the middle of the roses

Step 5

More blobbing! using the thin brush again, dab a dark shade of green around at least two edges of your roses.

Setp 6

As you did previously with the middle of the roses. Use a lighter green and either line or dot your 'leaves' to create a more 3d effect. Again, you need to use your thinnest brush. AND YOU'RE DONE! Just don't forget a top coat...

Frankie loved hers and even had a go on me to get some practice in!

Let me know if you liked this turorial and I'll do more. SEND ME REQUESTS! 

Wednesday Wishlist: Oh god, it's wedding season...

Wednesday Wishlist: Oh god, it's wedding season...

My flatmate and I have come to the realisation that we're now old enough to be experiencing wedding season for at least 10 years. This year alone we both have three weddings to go to!

The first wedding is in April and I really need to start planning outfits so here's a couple of things I have found that are right at the top of my 'need, not want' list.

Miss Selfridge -£42
As two wedding are happening in the spring/summer I figured pastels were the best choice. This is from the tiny people section from Miss Selfridge and the rose detailing is absolutely perfect. I don't tend to wear anything with quite a high neckline but as I'm covered in tattoos, it's only polite that I cover as much of them as I can.

Joy - £75
I haven't been shopping in Joy for years and I forgot how much fun everything is in there. I don't remember the last time I wore yellow but the print on this dress is wonderful and will go nicely with some wedges I have at home.

Ted Baker £169

New Look -£14.99

This is by far my favourite and we all knew Ted Baker would appear in this list somewhere. Not going to lie. Conveniently it would go perfectly with my Ted Baker shoes and bag and the cardigan from New Look will cover the tattoos and still look pretty. There's no way I'll be able to afford the dress but a girl can dream!

What's top of your wishlist at the moment?