Product Review: Soap and Glory

I do love Soap and Glory. To be honest the packaging excites me more than anything else. I know, I know, 'you should never judge a book by it's cover' but the quality of Soap and Glory is completely on parr with how pretty their boxes are.

After writing a post about my beauty essentials, I got some wonderful recommendations from Jurassic Panda and thought I might give Soap and Glory another go as I've been getting most of my things from Lush recently and I'm rapidly running out

Recently I have noticed that my eyes have been getting all puffy. Is this because I'm getting older or is it just because I don't sleep well? What ever the reason, an eye cream was definitely on the cards. I've always been dubious about whether eye creams actually make a difference but after using Puffy Eye Attack I am completely converted. I have only been using the cream for a week and already my dark circles are starting to disappear and even after a full blown crying fit after watching Les Mis (standard), my eyes still looked fresh the next day!

The cream absorbs quickly which means I can put on my makeup straight away, always good if I've over slept and need to rush out the door.

My other purchase is Scrubatomic. It's about time I got a good exfoliator because I have terrible skin. I suffer from breakouts of psorasis occasionally (attractive...) and it makes my face hurt and my makeup uneven. I know you're not really supposed to use exfoliators on psorasis but Scrubatomic is so mild I can get away with it pain free! It's given me a smoother complection even without makeup and it smells amazing.

do you have any more skin care favourites? Always looking for new things. 

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