I fricking love Ted Baker

I'm not going to deny it because there's absolutely no point.  I LOVE Ted Baker. I don't think my boyfriend realised quite how much until we 'popped in' after going to the theatre

I have loved Ted Baker for years, the florals and pastels are very me, and I am green with envy whenever I see people wearing it, mainly because it'll be a long time before I can afford anything in there.

But then the sale happened and I had a massive accident and I don't even regret it.

First it started with 'I'll just get shoes because I have feet', then it was 'I need an umbrella because it's raining'

I don't have very many clutch bags and tend to always use the same Irregular Choice one which means I end up wearing a lot of the same colours if I go any where exciting so I've been wanting a more versatile clutch for a while. When I saw this little beauty, there was no way I could resist.

I love how Ted Baker think of even the tiniest detail for everything. The lining of this bag makes me far too happy for words. PUPPIES!

The shoes, now my new favourite pair. I have lots of nude coloured shoes but the contrast with the metallic rose just make these too amazing. They're also insanely comfortable despite being a size too big for my children's sized feet.

Ted Baker, look out because I will be coming back.

what are your favourite sale bargains?

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