What I've been reading: Eric

What I've been reading: Eric

I had yet another fun adventure in Waterstones the other day. It was brilliant and it was one of the few occasions where, an hour later, I didn't end up crying on the floor surrounded by hundreds of books that I can't choose between.

I've started playing a fun game where I close my eyes and pick random books off the shelf, annoyingly all the books I picked up were things I had already read! A little frustrating. But then I saw this...

I love Terry Pratchett, he's my go to author when I need something that will guarantee a good 'LOL'. Eric is one of the Disc World adventures I haven't read yet and this version from the Unseen University collection was just too beautiful to ignore.

So far the book has been wonderful, I have caught myself laughing out loud and gaining a lot of funny looks on the Tube and I already don't want it to end. I'm going to have to collect the rest of the Unseen University additions... despite having absolutely no room left on my book shelf. Maybe another trip to Ikea is in order...

What are you reading at the moment?

Product Review: Soap and Glory

Product Review: Soap and Glory

I do love Soap and Glory. To be honest the packaging excites me more than anything else. I know, I know, 'you should never judge a book by it's cover' but the quality of Soap and Glory is completely on parr with how pretty their boxes are.

After writing a post about my beauty essentials, I got some wonderful recommendations from Jurassic Panda and thought I might give Soap and Glory another go as I've been getting most of my things from Lush recently and I'm rapidly running out

Recently I have noticed that my eyes have been getting all puffy. Is this because I'm getting older or is it just because I don't sleep well? What ever the reason, an eye cream was definitely on the cards. I've always been dubious about whether eye creams actually make a difference but after using Puffy Eye Attack I am completely converted. I have only been using the cream for a week and already my dark circles are starting to disappear and even after a full blown crying fit after watching Les Mis (standard), my eyes still looked fresh the next day!

The cream absorbs quickly which means I can put on my makeup straight away, always good if I've over slept and need to rush out the door.

My other purchase is Scrubatomic. It's about time I got a good exfoliator because I have terrible skin. I suffer from breakouts of psorasis occasionally (attractive...) and it makes my face hurt and my makeup uneven. I know you're not really supposed to use exfoliators on psorasis but Scrubatomic is so mild I can get away with it pain free! It's given me a smoother complection even without makeup and it smells amazing.

do you have any more skin care favourites? Always looking for new things. 

Product review: Nivea day cream

Product review: Nivea day cream

I have reached the age where I need to start moisturising what with that aging thing and all.

I've been looking for a moisturiser for a while. Because of my anti animal testing rules I have struggled to find a nice one that's bunny friendly. But I think I have finally found it.

This Nivea day cream is perfect. It's light and absorbs quickly plus it smells amazing. It's made my skin very soft and my outbreaks are starting to disappear which is always a bonus. I just need to start remembering to use it every day! I'm rubbish.

What day cream do you use? Have you found something better?

My face!

My face!

We all have a bunch of things that we actually can't survive without. There are little things that you can make compromises for but cosmetics don't fit in to this category. Not for me anyway.

The idea of not having one of these sends me into a bit of a panic, after all I can't be seen without my face on! But, because I'm nice and to show you what a difference the ideal cosmetics make, here's a sneaky shot.

yuck. You can even see my wonky mouth
First of all there's the skin. after my recent discovery of POREfessional from Benefit, I now can't go through a day without it, it helps to even out my skin tone and hides all the icky spots. Plus it gives a perfect, smooth base for my new Clinique foundation.

At first look, I thought it was a little dark so I mix it with some moisturiser to tone it down a little and the result is a much more normal skin colour compared to my usual Morticia Addams look.

No more spots but I still have freckles :-)
For the eyes, I tend to use a lot of the same colours. I have been in love with blue eyeshadow since I was about 17 when I first started wearing make-up. for this look I used some of my favourites from Barry M. Combined with my Models Own eyeliner and They're Real mascara from Benefit, my eyes look wider and brighter. In the right light it brings out the green flecks in them.

With the lips, I'm always worried that any colour I use will make me look too pale. I love red lipstick but I'm yet to find one that suits me. Again,. the Morticia Addams look. I'm going for a happy medium with the My Treat lipstick from Benefit, it's a nice dark pink and I use it with a dark models Own lip liner to give my lips a slightly fuller look and to even out my wonky mouth.

And the end result is a much more normal face that will happily venture into the outside world.

What are your beauty essentials.

I fricking love Ted Baker

I fricking love Ted Baker

I'm not going to deny it because there's absolutely no point.  I LOVE Ted Baker. I don't think my boyfriend realised quite how much until we 'popped in' after going to the theatre

I have loved Ted Baker for years, the florals and pastels are very me, and I am green with envy whenever I see people wearing it, mainly because it'll be a long time before I can afford anything in there.

But then the sale happened and I had a massive accident and I don't even regret it.

First it started with 'I'll just get shoes because I have feet', then it was 'I need an umbrella because it's raining'

I don't have very many clutch bags and tend to always use the same Irregular Choice one which means I end up wearing a lot of the same colours if I go any where exciting so I've been wanting a more versatile clutch for a while. When I saw this little beauty, there was no way I could resist.

I love how Ted Baker think of even the tiniest detail for everything. The lining of this bag makes me far too happy for words. PUPPIES!

The shoes, now my new favourite pair. I have lots of nude coloured shoes but the contrast with the metallic rose just make these too amazing. They're also insanely comfortable despite being a size too big for my children's sized feet.

Ted Baker, look out because I will be coming back.

what are your favourite sale bargains?