My festival essentials

I am lucky enough to be going to Reading Festival this year. The plan was to only go on the Sunday (purely for Nine Inch Nails) but then I found out my ticket was for the whole weekend. I'm all over that!

Excluding the basics like tent and sleeping bag, there are a bunch of things I will not be able to cope without, they are mainly toiletries because I'm not one of those people who doesn't wash for 4 days (I'm looking at you, Gary). Here are my top 5.

1. Bikini

It's rumoured to be nice, sunny and hot this year (It will make a nice change from 2010 when our campsite was basically flooded!) so I'll be spending the majority of the time in a bikini and hotpants in the vain hope that I might get some kind of tan. It'll probably just be freckles though!

2. Ultimate shine solid shampoo from lush

I love this stuff anyway and because I have a lovely little tin to put it in, it'll take up next to no space and my hair will still be amazing. Plus, this stuff lasts FOREVER and it has glitter in it. This pleases me.

Ultimate shine shampoo from lush - £5.50

3. Batiste

Everyone will be taking it as it makes life so much easier. Plus it somehow manages to make me able to actually do stuff with  my hair! Win.

4. All my face stuff

The last thing I want to happen while I'm there is to have a massive break out. I'll be hiding my face from everyone and would just be flat out miserable. I'll be taking with me my favourite face wipes, Tea Tree toner from Lush, my new Nivea day cream and all my makeup. Can't be going around with a naked face!!

5. Medical alert bracelet

I WILL be seeing Nine Inch Nails after all! Can't be stupid

(sneaky number 6) At least 3 Nine Inch Nails t-shirts.

Yes, I am that sad.

What are your top festival essentials?

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