Cruelty free hair dye

Out of sheer boredom I have a tendency to dye my hair. Sometimes it works, sometimes it really doesn't and I end up looking like an idiot.

I recently blogged about cosmetics I had found that proudly show the cruelty free bunny as I'm against animal testing and I have recently found a hair dye that's also cruelty free. Sadly, my heart broke when I found out the brand I had been using for years weren't bunny friendly. My hair has gone unloved since.

Superdrug are also against animal testing and all of their own brand products have the happy little bunny which makes me extremely happy whenever I go in there. I always end up leaving for a basketful of things even if I just went in to buy lip balm.

It's been a while since I dyed my hair. I've really been wanting a pink rinse for a while but the usual monetary issues have prevented this. This beautiful shade of 'Fire Red' was a bargain price at £4.49 so it was a nice, cheap alternative.

'Fire Red' from Superdrug

For the people who have used box dyes at home, you know how messy and awkward the whole thing can be. Another reason why I love this new product is because they've considered everything down to the tiniest detail. You know those rubbish gloves you get with hair dye? Well these ones are longer and thicker so you stand less of a chance of staining your finger tips (every time. The gloves can't take my talons!) and getting dye all up your arms when you reach around to the back of your head. You know those pathetically tiny bottles of conditioner you usually get? Well not with Superdrug, you get a bottle big enough for at least two weeks' applications. Obviously this depends on hair length but it's still pretty damn cool.

Awkward hair dying face
The only downside to this product is the smell. I have been dying my hair for years, so much so I'm pretty sure that my hair will never go back to it's natural colour (whatever that is), so I'm more than used to the smell of hair dye but this was really strong. I had to leave the bathroom once just so I could breathe.

I'm so so pleased with the overall result. When my flatmate came home she said it had really good coverage. I don't think it's down to my finally being able to dye my hair properly. The instructions for this dye are a bit more intense than your standard box dye. It requests that half way through you take your hair down and blend it more evenly to the tips of your hair and to do this again 10 minutes before you wash it out. This creates a more even colour from root to tip and makes sure you get all of those stragglers.

I'm so happy I have found a cruelty free hair colour and I recommend you all try it. It's all shades of wonderful.

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