Globe trotter: The Falkland Islands

Globe trotter: The Falkland Islands

Yes, yes. I know, I went in September but it's about time I blogged about it and shared some of my photographs with you all.

Having relatives in the military really does have it's perks ... despite the fact you won't see them for a while! Last year I was lucky enough to get on a special RAF plane for the longest flight of my life half way across the world.

After the first 8 hours we stopped off at Ascension Island which was scorching hot. I've never been to a volcanic island before and even though I had to stay in the airport/base while we refueled, I wished we could stay. The idea of traveling even further south was a little too much for me. The fact that my dad went on holiday to Ascension a few months later AND got to see baby turtles hatch was the ultimate green envy moment for me.

Comfortless Cove - ruthlessly stolen from Google Images :-)
After the final leg of the journey we arrived jet lagged and cramped at the air base (discretion here!) where we were to spend the next 10 days in my aunt and uncle's house.

Staying on an airbase is always interesting... especially  when you're woken up at 7am by Tornadoes taking off and thundering over the house!

Other than seeing my family, one of the other reasons I went to the Falkland Islands was because of their amazing wildlife. It's home to various species of penguins, seals, sea lions, dolphins and even whales. Due to the time of year and the weather I only got to see Gentoo penguins but they let me get close enough to get some pretty good shots, nature documentary stylie.

The Falkland Islands also has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen... despite the weather...

Where else would you need to wear a coat, two jumpers, a hat, wellies and a scarf on a beach??

But then the beautiful landscape can be ruined by things like this:

This was taken in a moving car which is why it's quite fuzzy
 I never thought I would see a minefield in my life but there are so many, it's quite chilling.

This is a bit of a long post so I'll be bringing it to an end now. Needless to say, the Falkland Islands are the most amazing and interesting places I have ever been to. If I had the opportunity I would definitely go back again and I recommend you all do too!

Where's the most interesting place you've been on holiday?