So... I need a tablet

So... I need a tablet

It's not something I ever thought I would need. I'm the kind of person who refuses to buy a new version of a gadget until the one I have has given up on life. My 6 year old Acer laptop might be a bit tired and wheezy now but it still works so why should I upgrade?

After spending my bank holiday weekend back home in the Sunny MK, I commandeered my dad's iPad to watch too many episodes of Doctor Who and My Drunk Kitchen while lounging in the sun.

It wasn't until I was actually using one that I realised how useful a tablet would be for me especially since I have been off work quite a bit recently and always seem to have a disgusting amount to catch up on. And considering I work in Social Media, having constant access to the platforms and my email in a way that isn't just on my also old and tired phone would be a god send.

iPad 2 - Apple £329
Unfortunately, at over £300, this glorious little thing is just a little out of my reach. Bloody budget and trying to be sensible with my money.

With this in mind I've been thinking about some of the cheaper alternatives available with no compromise on the quality.

iPad mini - Apple £269

A more compact version (just like me :-p) at a slightly more realistic price. With no changes to the use and more slimline so it'll even fit into some of my most ridiculous bags. Will still require some saving though!

Samsung Galaxy tablet 2 - Amazon £148
I LOVE Samsung. All my phones from the past 3 years have been Samsungs, my first laptop was a Samsung. I'm pretty sure they're indestructible (from my experience) as I always seem to do stupid things like drop them into buckets of water or get hit by a car while carrying them. They do not break. I only ever need to replace them because I'm amazingly talented at losing things.To be honest it would take a lot to convert me from Samsung to Apple as I prefer their system in general and seeing as this is currently only £148 from Amazon, we may have found a winner.

Kindle Fire - Amazon £129
One of the cheapest out there but after speaking to a lot of family and friends, still fantastic. The only downside to having one of these would be that I already have a kindle that I adore so it would be a bit silly to have two.

All in all I'm a little stuck for choice. At the moment I'm torn between the Samsung Galaxy and the iPad mini. Watch this space for when I finally get one. Time to save some pennies.

Not made for the sun

Not made for the sun

Just like everyone, I love the sun. It feels me with an uncontrollable excitement and makes me crave ice cream and slushies in the park or lying on the beach with a book.

But I am not made for the sun. I go all freckly and burn. In fact after spending ONE lunch break at work with my colleagues, I turned a beautiful shade of lobster red that almost matched the red shorts I was wearing.

I'm not one to fake tan so the fun Neapolitan ice cream look of tan/burn/pale look isn't something I look forward to every year and I actually quite enjoy having skin so pale that it reflects the sun.

Protecting my skin every year is always difficult for me because I am against animal testing. Luckily I have found some products that cater for my needs and keep the bunnies happy, here are some of my favourite products.

Superdrug SPF 30 - £2.49
 It was an exciting moment for me when I realised that Superdrug own brand products were BUAV approved in 2010. Not only do they have a fantastic product range, they don't break the bank.

Malibu Sun After-sun with insect repellant - £3.99
Another bargain and Malibu sun are listed on the PETA cruelty free summer skin care list.

Now it would take a lot to draw me away from my Light Yellow colour supplement from Lush that I use as a foundation. It's my favourite thing in the world and gives great coverage. Unfortunately it doesn't have any sun protection :-(. I think it may be time to invest in a new foundation for the summer.

Hello Flawless foundation - Benefit £25.50

I've used this foundation before (before I was hit by the days of student poverty) as it comes in a lovely pale shade that suits me perfectly. It provides an amazing matte finish AND has SPF 15 sun protection. I might need two layers just in case!

Wednesday Wishlist - A little bit oriental

Wednesday Wishlist - A little bit oriental

Spring is on its way, AT LAST! The shops are full of oriental inspired prints so I've picked out a few of the things I'm lusting over this week.

Kimono - Zara £49.99

Blazer - Zara £59.99


T-Shirt- New Look £16.99

If only

Yoko dress - Phase Eight £130

Not the most expensive thing in the world but still slightly out of my price range. Damn my poverty when something as beautiful as this exists.