My buns, they don't feel like no steel

My buns, they don't feel like no steel

There are very few people out there who are 100% happy with their bodies and I think I need to tone up a bit because as skinny as I am there's more podge than I'm happy with.

I also did a very silly thing recently... I signed up to do a 5k run at work.

Now, I'm not one to exercise, in fact I struggle to understand it and why people would want to do it. However, with the run coming up I thought it was about time I did something and prepared myself for it and I thought I'd start gently with a bit of Yoga.

As I spent all my money on a tattoo this month (I regret nothing) I've gone for the cheaper option of working out with my flatmate to her Yogalates DVD.

Amazon - £14
The DVD claims that you'll see results if you work out to it three times a week, if you get over the fact how much your body will rebel against you the next day, this shouldn't be too hard... should it?

The answer, no.

I recently did the whole DVD workout and for the whole next day I felt like I had been hit by a bus. BUT I am seeing results already including a flatter tummy and firmer upper arms. It's definitely worth a try. #Win