Rain, rain go away. Rocking my wellies

Rain, rain go away. Rocking my wellies

Pretty sure it's supposed to be Spring now, sadly the rain doesn't seem to want to end. This doesn't go down well with my love of skirts, dresses and ballet pumps.

In order to still keep my feet dry but look less like i'm on my way to a festival (not always the most glamorous look), I've added these beautiful Melissa ankle wellies to my rapidly growing shoe collection.

I had wanted these for ages and finally snapped them up in the Office boxing day sale for a bargain £15! They were a necessity as I was visiting family in Scotland for Christmas and foolishly only packed Converse and suede boots. *foolish*

I paired these beauties with my current favourite outfit for work, I mixture of frivolous spending and another bargain, the skirt was only £3 from an Urban Outfitters sample sale!

What I'm wearing
Velvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shirt - Monki

In case you were wondering, I like to be behind the camera and hate having my photo taken which is why I look so awkward. Massive thanks to Charlie for taking the pictures for me!

Wednesday Wishlist; All things blue

Wednesday Wishlist; All things blue

You may or may not have noticed but I love blue. I was devastated when my cobalt blue heels from New Look (which I've had since I was 17) finally gave up on me and I am rarely ever seen without blue glitter all over my face. It is an affliction.

I may be a tad behind the trend but since I bought this wonderful thing from the Monki mid-season sale I thought I should do a quick run through of all the things I'm lusting over in cobalt blue.


Lace Skirt - Monki £8
Shoes - Irregular Choice £69.99
First on my wishlist are these ballet pumps from a Irregular Choice. I have been an Irregular choice fanatic for many years and their shoes do make up the majority of my collection.

Disco pants - American Apparel £74

Disco pants! They're not for everyone and there aren't many places where you can wear them and get away with them but how can you not love this pair from American Apparel?

Eyeshadow - NARS £18
I'm yet to try anything from NARS but this a must have. It's not glittery but it's just too amazing to pass up.

If only

Bag - Karen Millen £200
First in my 'if only' section this week is this Karen Millen bag. I don't have many bags, a problem I need to rectify, and as much as I love this I think £200 is just a tiny bit over my budget.

Swimming costume - Miu Miu £145
I'm loving things that are just out of my reach this week and what with a planned summer holiday along the way this Miu Miu swimming costume is definitely top of my wish list this week.


Nailing it; Leather and Skulls

Nailing it; Leather and Skulls

I have always been pretty vain about my nails, especially now my flatmate and I spend most Sunday evenings experimenting with different nail art.

My latest look is Leather and Skulls from Nails Inc, leather look nail polish with sparkling skulls to jazz them up.

Being cack-handed I did end up sticking my fingers together more than once but I love the finished look and I can't stop touching it! The leather texture is so cool.

The Leather and Skulls sets are available in black and tan but I can's wait to try this beautiful shade, Mulberry style leather look polish, and it's only £12!

Shoreditch Lane from Nails Inc

Wednesday wishlist; Black and white

Wednesday wishlist; Black and white

A quick over view of my favourite things I list over when I'm poor; this week it's all things black and white.

Monochrome pieces tend to go with everything which is brilliant for me as my shoe and bag collection mainly consists of Irregular Choice and Iron Fist... so lots of crazy colours!

Urban Outfitters £55
I'm a sucker for a skater dress and I just love the neckline and detail on this Urban Outfitters number.

Zara skirt - £29.99
I have found myself living in mini skirts recently and I think this would go really well with a heavy knit jumpwe for lazy days.

Zara - £39.99
I don't have nearly enough bags in my life, something that needs to be remedied. After a recent trip to All Star Bowling Lanes, I'm loving the 1950s bowling look so this bag excites me just a little bit.


New Look - £14.99

I haven't been brave enough to try the Aztec look as I really don't think I can pull it off but I love this midi -dress from New Look and as I'm a tiny person it would work as a maxi on me.

If only...

Alexander Wang (Net-a-Porter) - £285

It's a dress, it's Alexander Wang, need I say more?

Down the rabbit hole and under the needle

Down the rabbit hole and under the needle

For those of you who don't know me, I'm an all round lover of tattoos. On me, on other people, I just love them.

My latest addition is the beginning of my largest piece yet. An Alice in Wonderland back piece.

I have been planning this tattoo for three years because I didn't want something too generic or something that thousands of people the world over will have. In October I spent a long time researching different styles and images I could use. I made a little collage and popped back to Milton Keynes to pay a visit to Skingraff , the best tattoo parlour I have been to and a family favourite.

Louis is the artist who finished my Nightingale and the Rose tattoo a few years ago and I've wanted to go back to him for a while because he's absolutely amazing and I knew he would be perfect for my next piece. In two weeks I received my design from him, he had turned my silly little collage into this;

The final design :-)

I fell in love with it instantly and couldn't wait to book my appointment. Sadly, tattoos are expensive so I had to wait until February.

Finally the day came and my brother and I headed down to Skingraff and were inked at the same time. How cool are we.

Before we actually got started, Louis did a few sketches on my back so I had an idea of how big my tattoo was really going to be. In short. HUGE.

After three hours under the needle (which i won't be able to do again! Two hours without a break is my limit) this was the result. The detail is absolutely incredible and even though it may creep some people out, I adore it and cannot wait for the next session. 

Part one complete

Watch this rapidly disappearing space!

Masquerade; paper faces on parade

Masquerade; paper faces on parade

It's not everyday you get to dress from head to toe in pure glam for a birthday party.

However, my cousin, a student of Professional Stage Dance and fellow lover of musicals (especially the Phantom of the Opera), a standard trip down the pub in your jeans and t-shirt will not do. She is and always will be the star of the show. She decided to do something I have always wanted to do, a Masquerade Ball.

My cousin lives in Scotland so for this party, the majority of the family traveled over 300 miles to spend the day with her. To recover from our journey (a whole ten hours on a bus!) we spent the afternoon doing things you normally see in the movies. Spending hours in a spa to relax and be beautified, trips to the dress maker and last minute runs around to make sure everything was in order.

On the day itself It was every girls' dream, full of pampering nails, makeup and very pretty dresses.

I attempted to give myself a glitter manicure. I failed.

The outfits!

My favourite part.

Obviously Hollie was the star of the show in her beautiful red Grecian number from John Lewis to match her genuine venitian mask, a Christmas present from our Grandparents.

My outfit was a little more low key, although I could not say no to a bit of glitter!

This lovely floor length number was only £49.99 from New Look and the mask was a real bargain at only £2.50 from Ebay. Paired with my vintage look Cameo from Accessorize, I don't think I did too badly.

As a tiny person (a ridiculous size 4), I always struggle to find clothes that fit. New Look has always been a god send to me because I find their size 6 comes up a little smaller than other shops which means I only have to deal with the length rather than altering everything. Makes life so much easier.

The Cake!

Well, there are no words. Just look at it.

The Music!

After some initaial hiccups with the band then the replacement DJ, my legendary uncle Kenny found a new DJ at the very last minute who kept us entertained throughout the night with all the cheesy hits, drunken Time Warp requests and opened the dance floor with 'Masquerade' from the Phantom of the Opera, much to the confusion of many of the guests while a couple of us marched a long the dance floor singing all the words as loudly and badly as possible. How we all loved it.

All in all, I think a masquerade is one of the best ways to celebrate even though some of us ended up looking like this;

Broken at the Hackney Picture House

Broken at the Hackney Picture House

It's been a few months (again) but I have finally decided to work on that New Year's resolution I made and blog more.

Over the past few months I have been lucky enough to do some really exciting things like see the Vaccines at the Electric Ballroom where I inevitably fell in love with the support act Tom O'Dell, made a wonderful trip to Scotland for the Christmas period and have been travelling up and down the country for work.

This week, however, I was lucky enough to be able attend the UK premiere of Broken, the debut film by Rufus Norris starring rising star Eloise Laurence, at the Hackney Picture House.

Unfortunately for me and my good friend Charlie, I was completely unaware that this was THE premiere until I rocked up in my jeans and t-shirt with the likes of Damien Lewis, George Lamb and the Director of the film sitting only a few seats away from me. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb!

The movie itself was an emotional roller-coaster. It was the perfect mix between funny, sad and a little bit creepy. There were points where I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I was hooked from the first scene which both shocked and mesmerised me.

With the performances I thought I would be biased in my opinion due to my love for both Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy but there wasn't a single person I wasn't overwhelmed by. Eloise Laurence is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

The soundtrack by the Electric Light Bureau really made the film and we were treated to a performance of a few of the songs with Eloise herself on vocals. I thought I might cry again during the performance, probably to the amusement of George Lamb who had already laughed at us both for sobbing at the end of the movie.

All in all I can't find a fault with this film. In my eyes it's perfect, from the outstanding cinematography to the editing. It's released in the UK on the 8th of March 2013 so make sure you go and see it.