Sequins, musical saws and dancing the night away with Amanda Fucking Palmer

Sequins, musical saws and dancing the night away with Amanda Fucking Palmer

The giant mirror ball at the Koko. Foursquare says it's the largest in Europe...

Gone are the days when my wonderful flat mate and I used to moan that Amanda Palmer never came to the UK. Last night, our minds were blown when we saw for the third time this year and we made the decision that no matter how poor we are, we WILL be seeing her again in March.

Decked in sequins, copious amounts of glitter and with our dancing shoes on, we made out way with one of our closest friends to the Koko in Camden. It's been a long time since I last came to this venue (IAMX in 2009 to be precise!) and I always forget how much I love it. Deciding we were too old to put up with the inevitable tall/smelly people who normally block our view at these events we chose a spot on one of the balconies. With a clear view and plenty of dancing space I will be doing this more often!

What I Wore
Sequin Vest top as a dress: H&M

Even though I have seen her many times, I never know what to expect when I see Amanda Palmer in concert. When I think I have it all worked out she does something absolutely insane, disorientates me and makes a great gig an amazing one. With support acts from her friends and band members as well as a plethora of special guests, she did this yet again.

For me, the highlights of the show included;

  • The beautiful and talented Una Palliser accompanying Amanda and the Grand Theft Orchestra for one of my favourite songs, 'Astronaut' 
@neilhimself and the Sawchestra
  •  The one and only Neil Gaiman joining his wife on stage with a Sawchestra ( I really want to learn how to play the saw now...)
  • Being introduced to Scroobius Pip - a surprise special guest
  • Doing the Time Warp with Richard O'Brien

Possibly one of the best moments ever
My friends and I were amazed to discover that we still knew ALL the words as we took our respective parts, Miss C as Magenta and myself as Columbia...

Amanda Palmer is one of the best performers out there. Whether she's playing all the instruments she can in one song, reading out some of her fans most harrowing memories before a haunting rendition of Bedsong, or crowd surfing with a giant sheet for Bottom Feeder, she never ceases to amaze and I cannot wait to see her again.

#Lookscary at the London Dungeons

#Lookscary at the London Dungeons

Courtesy of my wonderful flat mate I was lucky enough to attend my first Blogger event this yesterday; the #Lookscary event at the London Dungeons to celebrate the launch of the new Blackberry Curve. So, covered in fake blood and bruises and with business cards in hand (just in case :-p) I made my way to the dungeons and got many an odd look along the way.

Now, the London Dungeons is absolutely amazing but it is not somewhere I would recommend going when you're a) already a massive wimp or b) an idiot who was up all night the night before watching Spanish horror movies. I fit into both of these categories and was one of the 'squealers' during the tour. And yes, there were tears.

After the tour (thank Christ it was over!) we could then relax with a feast of canapes and copious amounts of wine while mingling with the bloggers, some of whom looked absolutely amazing, having our fortunes told and even our minds read. I did have to think twice after I had my palms read by Amelie Appleby, it was unnervingly accurate!

More than a little tipsy, the night was topped off with an exciting goody bag of Hallowe'en themed gifts including Beetlejuice nail polish, a skull bracelet and a Nightmare on Elm Street DVD (my copy of which was totally left behind, no way am I having THAT in the house).

What I wore:

A lot more fake blood was added to this which I now can't get off and have had to come to work wearing a scarf around my neck!

Making Changes

Making Changes

Wow, so much for me blogging! Time for a change, I think!

After months of working two jobs and various filming events that sucked away all my time and my SOUL I now find myself employed. Go me!

Because of this, I've decided to revamp my blog because not only am I doing lots of exciting film and photography things but I also get to have one of these things called a 'social life'. As a member of the One Job Club I have so much more time to be doing things whether that's filming for work or visiting a really cool bar. There's always something going on in my life these days, so why  not share?