Bitter Ruin and Gig Photography part 2

Bitter Ruin and Gig Photography part 2

Last week I was fortunate enough to see the glorious Bitter Ruin for what is possibly the 6th time in the past year. I'm guessing you could call me a fan.

For those of you who do not know Bitter Ruin, they are a fabulous Dark Cabaret duo from Brighton, who's fans include Amanda Palmer, who they supported in her 2011 UK tour, and Matt Lucas who has been a great support to the band since he first retweeted their video link to the single Trust.

Since I discovered how much fun Gig Photography at the Amanda Palmer gig last month, I thought I'd give it another go.

Compared to Amanda's gigs, Bitter Ruin tend to go for much more intimate venues, this gig performed at The Borderline was Bitter Ruin's largest to date yet it only holds 300 people, so I mainly stuck to my basic 18-55mm lens. The joys of being near the front!! :-)

Support act Jack Wiseman

My first shot of the night :-)

Already there was a massive improvement in comparison to my first SEVERAL attempts at the Amanda Palmer gig!!

...and then Bitter Ruin came on stage

Georgia Train

In my sheer excitement I clearly had some focusing issues, really need to pay more attention!!

Georgia Train

This time I nailed it :-)

One of my main problems throughout the night was the constant light changes, pretty as they were, there were points where Bitter Ruin started to look like little purple blobs, as annoying as that was I at least have something to aim towards when thinking about improving my skills for the next gig. If anyone else knows how to handle purple lights, please let me know!

Georgia Train and Ben Richards

Georgia Train performing The Vice

My favourite shot of the night.

As well as having special guest Matt Lucas perform 'A Brand New Me' on stage, Bitter Ruin were accompanied by the amazingly talented Una Palliser  who also performed with Amanda Palmer in September 2011, unfortunately every photograph I have of her, she is hiding behind the microphone. My silly position to the left of the stage made sure it was in every shot and another rookie error is evident in this picture, focusing on the mic instead of the lovely Una! Loving her outfit though!

Una Palliser

Georgia and Ben performing Soldier

Over all there is still room for improvement when it comes to my Gig Photography but seeing as I have managed to get my hands on tickets to see Amanda Palmer AGAIN, there's much more to come.

Also, the new Bitter Ruin stuff is incredible. My favourite so far is Child In a Sea Cave and I cannot wait for the new album to come out!!