Amanda Palmer and my first attempt at gig photography

Amanda Palmer and my first attempt at gig photography

Last night I was fortunate enough to see the glorious Amanda Palmer, live in concert for the second time this year. During the first leg of her epic world tour, riding off the back of her recent Kickstarter success, Amanda Palmer graced the London streets for three nights in a row; Once for her Kickstarter Art Show, followed by a free ninja gig on Tuesday and then the gig last night with The Grand Theft Orchestra at Village Underground in Shoreditch.

I have seen Amanda Palmer before and I go to many gigs, gig photography is something I haven't tried before. Mainly because not only am I very small and struggle to see the stage, I'm still learning how to master photography in a darker environment. After several attempts last night, many of which resulted in aching arms as I struggled to shoot around a man who can only be described as the Incredible Hulk, I nailed it.

At the beginning of the night, I struggled with focus as I was unable to use the view finder for most shots over the crowd so a lot of my photos came out looking like this;

and then after that I had to try and compensate for the fact my 75-300mm lens doesn't have an image stabilizer creating an LSD looking effect on a lot of the photos. As cool as this is, it's not fun when most of your pictures are coming out this way.

Trying to stand very still at an Amanda Palmer gig is not easy. I struggle to stand still when I'm listening to her at home! but the results are worth it as the first picture shows.

Despite my fears that my camera would be crushed or have drinks spilled on it during the night, I will definitely be taking it to my next gig. Bitter Ruin, watch out!

All photos are by me, if you want to use them, please ask first.