Graduation, Interviews and building my portfolio

Graduation, Interviews and building my portfolio

Today was the day I finally finished my education... well, BA anyway! :-p and in the week leading up to the day where, what with all the gowns and bright colours, I felt like I had finally been accepted into Hogwarts and spent a few hours hoping that at some random point someone will present us all with the sorting hat. Sadly, all that happened was a series of photos, free mulled wine and watching each step across the stage very carefully just in case I was that one person who landed flat on their face at their own graduation ceremony.

Now that part is over, I have more interviews ahead for production internships and I'm sitting here at work waiting for my editing software to download at a measly 27KBps so that I can go to my first trial shift for a film production internship for an independent music magazine and website. It's pretty exciting, if only I wouldn't have to wait 15 hours and 27 minutes before I can start playing around with Avid again!

On top of this, I have started working on small productions with my good friend and fellow London Met film graduate, Mr L; starting with a short suspense sequence in the cellar of the pub where we work. Totally Guerilla stylie using sources such as the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook and Guerilla film making websites for inspiration into how to succeed and to finally make the portfolios to do us proud and get us our dream jobs... even if it will take us a while to get there.

We have recently decided between ourselves that we will endeavour to create one short a week (depending on work schedules), taking it in turns each week to write/film and to put them online through Youtube, twitter and facebook as a demonstration of what we can do in an hour; to sharpen our skills beyond what we learnt at university and, most importantly, to keep us sane while we pour pints and try our hardest to get a new job!

We're now at 8 hours and 47 minutes... Hopefully I can get editing soon!