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Body confidence in fashion

I am 4ft 11". I have size 2 feet so pretty much NONE of my shoes fit. I get mistaken for an 18 year old (if not younger) and jeans shopping is an absolute bloody nightmare. I don't own a single pair that I don't have to roll up... I really struggle to try new things and fashion styles because I'm convinced I'll just look even shorter and dumpy than I am so I tend to just stick to jeans and a t-shirt. The safest of all choices. I can blend in, rather than stand out.

Recently it has really been winding me up and my body confidence is at an all time low. I recently had a fitting room breakdown while trying to find a new dress for a wedding when one I ordered didn't get close to doing up. The size I always used to be.

The dress itself.
My constantly changing body as I get ever closer to 30 (next year, guys), is something I have really been struggling with. I know I'm not big by any stretch of the imagination but I have been used to being a certain size for my whole life so when I look back on older pictures (some even from just 2 years ago), I feel a little sad inside.

However, I am refusing to mope and am trying to embrace it instead. I have joined a gym and have been going to classes regularly, I have also decided to be braver in my fashion choices. There's only so many times I can wear jeans and the same Harry Potter t-shirts on rotation.

Even last year, the idea of wearing something full length would be a nightmare. I convinced myself that it would just make me look shorter so tend to stick to a more midi length. Bold prints and anything more than a subtle floral were a no go because a pair of jeans I once had with blue flowers made me look like a potato.

I've decided 'Fuck it'. You only live once and I'm always envious of people who can get away with it so I might as well give it a go.

At the weekend I went to Scotland to visit my family. We were going to be going 'out out' and I had brought nothing with me that was appropriate and the jeans I wore up were covered in dog hair from cuddles with Stanley within about 5 minutes. I had to go shopping and ideally on a budget.

After having no joy in T.K. Maxx (other than a pair of shoes IN A SIZE TWO), we headed to the local super markets. It was in Asda that I found this amazing Maxi Dress. Hating fitting rooms and the mirrors in them, I quickly shoved it on over my jeans and t-shirt just to see how ridiculously long it was. Only two long by an inch so a bit of wonderweb will sort that out, in the meantime I'll just wear MASSIVE shoes.

I actually felt ridiculously happy in this dress. I wore it to afternoon tea at the Cupcake Cafe Bar in Torphicen (JUST LOOK AT THOSE CAKES) and had plenty of room to eat ALL the food and still feel awesome at the same time. I feel silly for avoiding proper maxi dresses. It certainly didn't make me look shorter, I felt amazing and looked amazing. *sassy hand lady emoji*

Next. A Jumpsuit. I have tried a jumpsuit before and just looked and felt like a sausage that was about to burst, even though I was tiny at the time (yeah, I know). I was lumpy in all the wrong places and returned it the next day.

THIS one from the delightful Tesco, caught my eye immediately. Who doesn't love a cold shoulder with tropical/floral/madness print? wrong people, that's who.

I picked it and doubted myself for a long time so I did what I never do and ran to the fitting room and obviously sent a picture to the Bangarang girls. They are my to for all advice and we share 'what do we think of this outfit' pictures a lot knowing that everyone will be honest. This one had mixed opinions because of my tinyness and the length. Until I paired it with my new shoes and leather jacket.

What I never realised is that jumpsuits can be really flattering. They're smart and casual at the same time, it hid all the parts I didn't like, I found myself wanted to stand out. I felt like a superwoman. Silly to some but very different for me.

I danced so much that night, I was more confident and happier than I have been in a long time. The power of a jumpsuit.

I'm really glad I tried something new that used to worry me so much and will definitely be looking for more as I go on my merry way.

What do you think of Jumpsuits?

What I wore to the House of Lords

Lumos Charity

I love any excuse to dress up really. I'm one of those people who still puts on fancy clothes to go to the theatre. Why not, eh?

Really, you don't get a better excuse to dress up than an oh so very casual invite to the House of Lords. That's right, the dudes with the fancy wigs.

The reason I was at such a fancy place is that earlier on in the year I was made an ambassador of J.K. Rowling's charity Lumos. Through Lumos I have been able to see the Cursed Child, meet their higher profile ambassadors such as Evanna Lynch and Warwick Davis, plan how I am going to raise further money and awareness and, most importantly, learn more about the work Lumos are doing in Moldova, Haiti in beyond. You can find out so much more about Lumos in my charity Gala post  right here.

I didn't want to go too overboard with my outfit, but still wanted to feel dressed up. What with the rush to sort everything out before work started, I decided to go with the exact same thing I wore to my last Orchestra performance of the year at the weekend. A mixture of cheap as cheeps and slightly more expensive but paid for with a voucher...

A dress/skirt combo for extra layers and something a little smarter than your standard LBD, The sparkly top bit is actually a woollen jumper dress from Primark that cost me a grand total of £8, the skirt itself is an Oasis number that I traipsed across what felt like the whole of London to find. Srsly.

The two together give extra swish and the ability to hide my drunken Henna errors... (work Christmas party drinks were had and poor decisions were made)

I'm SO happy with the combo in general. I felt so fancy but also comfortable. No time for choosing between the two.

My hair is the longest it has been in over ten years so I'm trying to learn how to do things with it. I mostly just know how to twist and plait (currently rocking milk maid plaits like a BOSS. I feel like Heidi) but at least I'm trying. The hair didn't work out the way I wanted it but the Gryffindor makes it work... right?

Yes, I'm mixing gold and silver which isn't really a thing but meh.

This is my new Lumos charm bracelet Gary got me for my birthday. The proceeds for each one go directly to the charity so being at one of their event was the perfect opportunity to show it off with pride. I do enjoy how you can add your House charm to it. Can you tell I'm a Gryffindor????

I can smarten up quite well I think!

How do you wear all black?

Royal Ascot: Wine, horses and pretty dresses

So, these pictures were plastered all over my Instagram so #SorryNotSorry for doubling up but I'm still so happy that I finally got to go to Royal Ascot... and my outfit was awesome.

Ascot has always fascinated me in some way. It can be considered as the height of British Fashion and with over 300 years of History, it's always been on my bucket list.

Appletiser invited me to be a guest of theirs and I was VERY excited about it all. I foolishly turned down the Queen Anne Enclosure tickets so some friends and I could be together but the Windsor Enclosure was equally as fun, plus we didn't have to stick to a much stricter dress code!

In typical 'me' fashion. The first thing my friend Frankie and I did was head straight to the bar... after swapping into our heels from our 'emergency flats'. Seriously, thank god we took some!

Yeah to buying all the bottles of wine.

When it came to my outfit. It was seriously stressful. As I mentioned, I feel that Ascot is of significant importance to Fashion so I couldn't make a half arsed attempt, even if I was 'slumming' it with the Riff Raff (LOL, I don't mean it).

I was stressing about it and decided the only option would be to buy something new. Turns out I was too lazy and the idea of facing Oxford Street after work would have been far too much effort. I ended up doing a (slightly drunken) dash to Accessorize to buy some variety of head device and hope one of my many dresses would go with it/was clean.

One dress went with it... but it did have a wine stain on it. Whatever.

Totally hiding the wine stain with my bag...

You've all probably seen this dress before as it was my 'dancing dress' from my cousin's wedding a few years ago but it's always good to get a good few uses out of something. Plus, it's blue and went with the fascinator.

In hindsight, we probably should have arrived earlier (my fault, I was faffing all morning... and slightly hungover) because when we got there, there was, like, nowhere to sit. We hovered near the bar for a while but when we decided to venture down to the race course to have a look, i started properly kicking myself for not accepting the Queen Anne tickets. All the tables were taken and every patch of grass had someone else's picnic blanket spread over it

BUT IT WAS OK! We found my other friend Rosanna who had managed to bag a SINGLE chair... but at least we had a table for our booze!

We weren't exactly front row but we could see well enough as there were screens everywhere and we could see the horses speeding past too so we were all good. I was mostly a massive ball of excitement when the Queen showed up. I love that woman.

We did the bet thing, with absolutely no god damn clue what we were doing. Originally we were going to bet onn horses that had the most ridiculous names but after speaking to my boyfriend and Grampy, we ended on a compromise; A horse with a stupid name + some decent odds = Cunco,

I didn't win.

Oh well.

Lack of winnings aside Ascot was awesome and I CANNOT thank Appletiser enough for the tickets. I got to spend the day with awesome people, wear awesome clothes and basically have the most fun I have had in a while.

Frankie and I plan on going back next year... we'll just see whether that will actually happen!!

Have you ever been to Ascot?

*Tickets were given to me for free by Appletiser but a blog post was not a requirement. They gave me the tickets so I could have a bloody good day. I did, so I wrote about it anyway.

Winter boots wishlist

Dresses in Winter can work, I promise. I know a lot of people aren't brave enough to even contemplate it, especially since it is currently still technically Autumn and it's bloody freezing! I'm just too stubborn to pack a lot of my dresses away. The best way I have found for this to work is to wear multiple pairs of tights with boots.

I have an annoying habit where I buy a pair of boots every year but they're always something cheap, from Primark or other highstreet stores, so they always end up looking battered after a couple of months or break. It's not the most cost effective thing and, quite frankly, it's a pain in the arse. You think I would have learnt by now.

I've been saying for ages that I'm going to 'invest' in some boots but as it's so close to Christmas, I have put together a wishlist instead of just running out and buying them. I do have other people to shop for!

Riding boots

You really can't go wrong with a pair of riding boots. They pretty much work with everything. They're what I have mostly been keeping my eyes out for and have really struggled to find the perfect pair. These brown ones from Jones the Bootmaker* however are ideal.

writer's block and broken lenses.

Such 90s. Very Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know suede boots probably aren't the best choice for winter in Britain but they look so comfortable and I'm pretty sure they're something I would wear to death. Not only would they look great with casual winter/let's pretend it's still summer dresses but with the right accessories, they could work with a more formal outfit. Especially for Christmas parties...

Boots with a slight heel are always a good choice. I have several pairs at home but they tend to be more ankle-ish length. Something a bit higher would definitely warmer. Annoyingly these ones in particular don't come in my size but they're a good example of something I want.


Well, kind of. I bought a pair of boots like this a few years ago. They didn't last me very long and I was very upset when they broke. I still insisted on wearing them when they had holes in though which meant I had wet feet quite often. Stupid me. 

These brogue-ish boots are pretty much identical and it's clear that they're of a much higher quality than the ones I previously had. Much want. Especially since it would be like releasing my inner Mary Poppins!

Do you have any boots on your Christmas list this year?

*Disclaimer. This post was sponsored by Jones the Bootmaker

Red, white and gold: My new favourite outfit

writer's block and broken lenses

In September my friend turned 27 and we celebrated by drinking all the booze at Bourne and Hollingsworth. Afterwards, we did that whole outfit picture thing. While drunk. It was brilliant.

Instead of buying new clothes, I've been trying to attempt to save money (not working) by wearing old clothes and finding new ways to style them (is working). I decided to brave the fact that I was going to eat a lot of messy food and wear white. I rarely wear white because I am a messy eater and it almost always ends in disaster and a bright orange stain somewhere. But, #YOLO (yeah, I did that).

I picked up this dress from a vintage market in Dalston about two years ago and I have probably worn it twice. Not only because of the messiness but also because do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a pair of pants that can't be seen under a white chiffon dress? It's bloody hard.

Writer's Block and Broken Lenses

So I didn't look too much like a bride, I chose to pair it with my red Floozy bag and the gold shoes I bought from Debenhams for my friend's wedding in August. And I love it.

Writer's Block and Broken Lenses

Taking outfit pictures while drunk is amazing, even more so when you're an awkward camera person like me and you're being 'directed' by a fellow blogger who's so effortlessly flawless and good at this kind of thing... I'm looking at you Little Miss Katy! I'm sure she got annoyed with me towards the end.

Some of the results are hilarious, she told me to walk... #AWKWARDFACE!

Writer's Block and Broken Lenses

And I have absolutely no idea what was happening here or why I am pretty much on the floor WEARING A WHITE DRESS

Writer's Block and Broken Lenses

I can't even...

Thank you Katy for taking all the pictures, I'm sorry if I was a pain in the arse.

How do you think I did styling a white dress?

What I wore to one of my best friends' wedding

writer's block and broken lenses
Personalised spoon with my favourite tea as a wedding favour

Oh 2015, the year of weddings!

I've been to quite a few weddings over the past two years but this time it was the first of MY friends to get married. One of my oldest friends in fact.

It seems that I have now reached that age where I am going to all the weddings and that they're the only opportunity for me to get dressed up these days. So much so that I pretty much avoided shopping for it because everything I even thought about it, I went into a mild panic. I mean, there are rules about wedding outfits and I'm always paranoid about breaking one of them. I know it would never happen but that's just how my silly little brain works.

writer's block and broken lenses

In the end, it was all organised at the very last minute courtesy of the internet. The day I finally bought them all I had spent ages sending various links to my bestie. I couldn't even decide on a colour, let alone a style!

I finally got everything sorted, the dress is from House of Fraser and my gold shoes and clutch (a colour I never go for because I'm so pale) came from the wonderful Debenhams.

I think the dress might be a little too tight but overall I love the look, the shoes in particular. I love them so much that I'm keeping them separate from my other shoes because I'm scared all the glitter will get knocked off!

writer's block and broken lenses

writer's block and broken lenses

writer's block and broken lenses

What do you think of my last wedding look of 2015?

One dress from day to night with George at Asda

George at Asda

I am always feeling uninspired by my wardrobe and tend to avoid being creative with the things I have and always go for the same look and then start to get bored. To be honest, there's nothing worse because I then just end up spending money on more clothes that I'll inevitably do the same thing to. That is the vicious cycle of my wardrobe.

I was recently asked to take part in the #GeorgeousDresses challenge with George at Asda and it was the perfect opportunity to attempt being creative, learning the versatility of one item and potentially developing some kind of 'style'.

My aim was to take one dress from to day to night through something I have never been good at... Accessorising.

George at Asda
Dress* - £18
Duster Jacket* - £20
Tote Bag* - £16
Sunglasses* - £3.50
Snood*- £4
For my day look I put together something festival-y to help make me feel better about the fact I'm not going to one this year. I'm fortunate enough to work in a pretty casual office where I can pretty much get away with a band t-shirt and jeans, so this was perfect.

Wearing dresses with boots is my new favourite thing now and since the sun decided to pay us a brief visit I thought it was about time to bring out the denim jacket. Those glasses = <3

I jump at any opportunity to dress up so decided to create my 'night look' for a trip to the theatre with Charlie, Distracted so paired the paisley dress* and duster jacket* with some killer heels and a statement belt. I was originally wearing the belt underneath the jacket but my oh so very fashionable colleague told me it looked better over the top instead. I kinda agree. I was wearing the scarf* too but then I got to hot and it ended up in my bag*!

George at Asda
I loved this challenge because it gave me the opportunity to play around with my clothes more and I have already started to take this on board with more of my stuff. I loved the duster jacket so much I even opted for a more casual look with it earlier this week! #Learning

Which is your favourite look?

All items marked with a (*) were gifted to me by Asda but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't write about it. 

Men's Fashion: Gary let me dress him!

So last month I decided to give my boyfriend the challenge of dressing me for a week and it seemed to go down pretty well so we decided to turn the tables and I had a go at being Gok.

I have to admit, I thought this would be easy, however dressing boys is a lot harder than you think. Boys don't seem to have nearly as much variety in their wardrobe as girls do, well for my boyfriend anyway, and it's pretty difficult to find something that looks different for each day. This is possibly why Gary tends to just live in t-shirts and jeans.

However! Where there's a will there's a way and I'm hoping I managed to pull it off and have one (even slightly) different look for every day.

Day one

Vintage leather jacket
Aww, he's trying to do a blogger pose!

The inspiration for this outfit was the one and only Dean Winchester. I absolutely love this jacket (it was once his dad's) and I'm a complete sucker for a checked shirt, they're totally a wardrobe essential for men and women.

Day two

He he. #FunnyAwkwardFace

Gary has this annoying habit of forgetting that other shoes exist. He will usually where the same pair of shoes every day and will then wonder why they fall apart. Just look at these converse stylie things, they're PRISTINE and he's had them the whole time we've been together!

He still had work to go to this day so I went for a kinda smart, kinda casual look and he's actually started to go for it more often.

Day three

topshop men's blazer
Getting used to it now!
I love this outfit, I know it's simple but I really enjoyed getting him in Ted Baker and convincing him to buy new shoes. It's not exactly a NEW outfit, as he bought the shoes and jacket for our LFW escapades (on my recommendations obviously) and I bought the bag for him for Christmas. It's strange to see him wearing actual shoes rather than trainers but I still feel pretty proud.

Day four

Bow Ties are Cool
Bow ties are cool
This was actually the final day because morning were difficult. I had threatened to put him in a bow tie from the very beginning and there was no way I was going to go back on my word! I actually think he looks rather dashing but maybe that's me being biased.

So, who did a better job? Me or Gary?

SpecsPost: Trying out new glasses

New glasses have seemed but a dream for a long time now. I have needed glasses since I was about 4 and as a result I have become a bit of a snob and always fall for brand names and beautiful yet expensive frames that are way out of my price range (sorry Tiffany).

Annoyingly I have needed a new pair of glasses for about a year as I have a new prescription and my current pair give me headaches. I never thought I'd be able to save money and still get nice glasses if I ordered them online.

A friend of mine referred me to SpecsPost a while ago and when I saw the prices I thought I might as well give them ago - no need to make my eyes suffer any longer. There's no excuse.

As a person with a tiny head it's always a struggle to find frames that fit me. Pain in the backside really as a lot of the time I have to put up with them being too wide or have to resort to the kids section which is a tad embarrassing when you're 26 (buying kids clothes however is an entirely different scenario). SpecsPost have a petite range though which is a whole new revelation to me.

specs post order glasses online

I got to try three pairs at home for free so chose a range of sizes and shapes just to see what suits me best, all them very different to these beautiful Lu Lu Guinness ones I have had for about 4 years now.

Lu Lu Guinness glasses
My current Lu Lu Guinness specs. I'll probably just get new lenses in these anyway
 When I was younger and was going through that kind of 'alternative' stage, rectangle thick frame glasses were very 'in' and I used to wear them all the time so I thought I'd give them another go but trying out different colours. As I'm still a little bit odd I went for pink as I have never had brightly coloured glasses before.

I like the shape but I'm not particularly sure about the colour...

Specspost rectangle glasses online
A friend of mine says 'The bigger the frames, the better' and ridiculously huge glasses, or 'Hipster Glasses' if you prefer, have never been on my agenda. But why not? They're worth a try!

I have some people with equally tiny faces get away with them... but they don't really work on me I'm afraid. (Also holding down the glasses because the dummy pair were a bit wonky. This isn't a random attempt at a pose!)
Specs Post big frame glasses
Oh Jesus. #ReallyAwkwardFace
I'm not really sure how to describe these glasses but they're definitely my favourite out of the lot and have had a much better response from my boyfriend than the other two.

You can't really tell from the picture, thanks to the poor light in my bedroom, but they're a really deep shade of purple and I love the random detail on the corner of the frames so I think I'll be sending these off for a new prescription!
I love how my face looks EXACTLY the same in most of these pictures...
Ordering glasses online is clearly a lot easier than I thought it would be and considering you can get some nice frames for a really good price including prescription, I'll definitely be taking a look for more new ones to make sure I always have a choice.

What do you think? Have I made the right choice? 

*SpecsPost have been kind enough to send me my favourite pair for free but all views in this post are my own

London Fashion Week 2015: What I wore

Image Source: Google Images
Aah, London Fashion Week. An opportunity to dress to the nines on a day when you wouldn't normally get out of your pyjamas with the benefit that no one will judge you for it.

Whether or not some people agree or not, fashion plays an important role in this world, as explained so perfectly The Devil Wears Prada. London is one of the fashion capitals of the world (if not THE capital) and London Fashion Week is pretty much the highlight of a yearly calendar, both A/W and S/S. As well as the big names that we can all dream of owning, it's an opportunity to show off the rising talent on the fashion scene and how Britain really has an influence over such a world wide culture and obsession.

Obviously, I had a mild panic over what to wear. OK, mild panic is a complete UNDERstatement. I was completely overwhelmed and even had heart palpitations at one point. I spent the majority of Friday emailing my boyfriend in pretty much all capital letters about how I had nothing to wear, how I hate my wardrobe and how I thought people would judge me if I turned up wearing Primark (snob).

But then I remembered I got a Ted Baker voucher for Christmas... Thanks Mum!

I own a lot of Ted Baker and I think it's clear that I'm a bit of a fan. However, these all pretty much fit into the 'accessories' category and other than a t-shirt I have nothing to wear and show off. London Fashion Week was finally an opportunity to spend my voucher and treat myself to something that I will pretty much wear all the time.

After some intense research and calling multiple Ted Baker stores to get hold of the Bluoise dress that's in their sale I had no joy and made a quick dash home to get the voucher and go to the Regent Street store, which is pretty much the mother ship, and ended up in the fitting room with pretty much everything I wanted.

Various snapchats to Charlie, Distracted from the fitting room, opinions of the boyfriend and Ted Baker sales staff I went home with the beautiful Viviann dress that even received an audible gasp from someone else in the fitting room when I stepped out to show it to Gary.

Ted Baker Dress

I think this may also be the loudest dress in the shop!

Due to the boldest pattern known to man there was a lot of debate in store and at home over what I should wear it with and the decision was made to keep it simple with a biker jacket, huge Mary-Jane platforms and my Ted Baker clutch.

Ted Baker Dress

I think the dress is a good mix between absolutely mental while still conservative and 'classy' as it's quite modest in the cut. My choice of accessories helps to tone it down a little so it can even be worn for a casual night out so I'll be wearing it again for the second time in a week when I go to the theatre. I'm pretty much in love with it!

How would you wear a bold print? Let me know in the comments!

What I wore: I let my boyfriend dress me

I have been feeling very uninspired by my wardrobe recently. I have pretty much become this:

I'm sure you've all been there too.

In an attempt to resist the urge to buy more things I thought it would be fun to give my boyfriend full reign over what I wear to work for a week (as I pretty much spend weekends in my pyjamas).

On the first day he pretty much just went for something that I would generally wear anyway but as the week went on it completely changed.

Day 1

Tartan Dress
Scarf doesn't really go with the dress... 
Doctor Who Lunchbox
Awkward smile and all the colours
Other then the scarf that really doesn't go with the dress or the coat, this is actually an outfit I wear on a regular basis. Not really all that adventurous. I did however remind him that it's pretty cold and may need a cardigan to help me with the constant battle with the office air conditioning!

Day 2

I'm blue da be dee da ba dai
Not sure about the coat...
Now this outfit I really wasn't sure about purely because it felt like there was a blue overload. However I got a lot of compliments around the office, even from people I didn't know so I guess that means he did good! However, heels two days in a row was a killer!

I haven't worn this skirt in a long time so it was nice to rediscover it and not leave it at the bottom of a draw until it's completely forgotten!

Day 3

This was my most comfortable outfit because we were going to see the Kaiser Chiefs straight after work. Although I wear a lot of these pieces, I would never combine them. Especially an over sized t-shirt with a checked shirt. Apparently I can pull it off though.

Gary also said that my accessory for this outfit was my copy of 'The Half Blood Prince' and didn't even end up taking a bag!

Day 4

vintage dog tooth skirt

Red Cape

The night before I had decided to go for monochrome striped nails which Gary used as his inspiration and I had a new business pitch so had to look reasonably smart.

I got this skirt in a vintage shop a couple of years ago and have probably only worn it three times because I don't really have many things it goes with it and I think the last time I wore a time was back in secondary school when it was mandatory but I think the two combined work really well.

Worried I looked a little too grey, Gary treated me to a splash of colour with my vintage cape and Nightmare Before Christmas lunchbox as my bag. I think this is my favourite outfit of the week and received the most comments from my colleagues.

Day 5 

peplum top New Look

Doctor Who Jewellery

And then we reached the last day. After the previous Monochrome day it was nice to be given a load of colour.

The top is, again, something I rarely where and when I do it's usually with a skirt for a night out and never for a day in the office. It works really nicely with my burgundy trousers which I never thought would happen. Maybe he does have some taste!

My accessory with this was my 50th Anniversary Doctor Who necklace, chosen intentionally because he wanted 'to make it look like the TARDIS was flying through space'.

Overall I'm very impressed with his efforts and will definitely be asking for his advice more often rather than just dismissing basically every item of clothing I have!

How do you think he did? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this post I have decided to make this a tag just to see what happens, whether you let your partner/sibling/flatmate or child dress you even just for a day or two. Up to you! If you do it though please send me links :-)

I tag:

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